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UPDATE: All Posts from 7 – 11 June 2015

I’m really starting to enjoy these busy weeks. Wednesday was particularly exciting. Not only did I start my new job at Bustle, but my former professor emailed me to say that our presentation on a digitized archive of information on the imagist poet H.D. was accepted into the H.D. and Feminist Poetics conference being held at Lehigh University in September.  You can now view my GoFundMe campaign in the sidebar. Continue reading

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UPDATE: All Posts from 31 May – 6 June 2015

This was another productive and exciting week for me. I signed paperwork to write for another magazine (I’m not naming names just yet, but look for a new publication to pop up on the Bib next week.) and wrote two articles for LadyClever, one of which hasn’t gone off yet. That last part is Kind of a Big Deal, since I’m only contracted to write one per week, so I’ve got my fingers crossed it will lead to more work in the future. Continue reading

camp nanowrimo

UPDATE: Camp NaNoWriMo

I’ve been extremely productive as a writer since I finished my undergrad. This newfound productivity makes me feel less like I’m spinning my wheels, even if I’m still looking for traction. Because I believe in positive reinforcement and in trying to be nice to myself, I pat myself on the back for working hard and getting a lot done. I think I might be turning into a slight workaholic, but that’s okay with me at this stage. Continue reading

Update: Pardon My Dust

So I’ve been gone for quite a while. To make a long story short, my last semester at USC Upstate was so demanding that it made writing here impossible. Thankfully, I finally have my BA, I’ve started an editorial internship over at The Indie Chicks, and, after two months of postgraduate life, a new normal has begun to emerge. The big, wide world of professionalism is a lot scarier than I pictured it a year ago, but I’ve decided to grab it by the horns and run. Continue reading