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UPDATE: All Posts 14 – 20 August 2016

Last week was a busy one, for both books news and me.  Check up on Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildFight ClubThe Fault in Our Stars, and more below.

Is There a The Fault in Our Stars Sequel? John Green Says He Has No Plans to Write One

John Green broke hearts and dashed hopes last week, when he tweeted that he had no intention of writing a sequel to The Fault in Our Stars.

On Fight Club‘s 20th Anniversary, Author Chuck Palahniuk Talks about the Cult Classic Book

Did you know that both Fight Club and Fight Club 2 were inspired by The Great Gatsby?

Brave New World TV Show Is Coming to Syfy

It’s been quite a while since we saw Aldous Huxley’s classic dystopian novel on television. Here’s hoping the upcoming Brave New World TV series will be excellent.

Supernatural Coloring Book Is Here at Last, and It’s Full of Monster-Hunting Goodness

Get an inside look at the new Supernatural coloring book over at Bustle.

Pennywise Gets a Wardrobe Update in the It Reboot, and the Clown Is Scarier than Ever

The new Pennywise looks much more ancient than the Tim Curry incarnation.

An Ember in the Ashes Is Getting 2 More Sequels, and This Is Not a Drill

If you’re a fan of Sabaa Tahir’s YA novel, and are looking forward to reading A Torch against the Night, get ready for more of Laia’s story.

Hunter S. Thompson Stole Hemingway’s Set of Elk Antlers 52 Years Ago, and His Widow Just Returned Them

I have never published a better headline, and I probably never will.

The Insides: A Review

Jeremy P. Bushnell’s second novel is a fun and quirky adventure that centers on a magic knife.

The Outsiders Is 50 Years Old, and It Has a New Cover to Celebrate the Anniversary

The new cover looks a little like Luckiest Girl Alive, so you might be disappointed at the lack of brooding teenagers.

Margaret Atwood’s Behind-the-Scenes Alias Grace Pics Prove She’s the Queen of Social Media

The Canadian treasure takes on the role of Disapproving Woman in the Netflix-CBC adaptation of her 1996 novel, Alias Grace.

There’s a New Internship for Women Over 40

If current trends continue, I’m less than 15 years away from becoming nigh un-hireable. That needs to change.

Cursed Child Tickets Are More Expensive than Hamilton Ones, but the Prices Don’t Tell the Full Story

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘s producers are turning away fans who purchase tickets through brokers.

10 Heroic Baby Names from Stephen King Books

The upcoming film adaptation of The Dark Tower might give way to a lot of little Rolands.

25 Books by Modernist Women Writers

Interbellum fiction is wonderful, but novels written by women in that period often go overlooked.

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