best fantasy books you've never heard of

“The Best Fantasy Books You’ve Never Heard Of” Is One of BOOK RIOT’s Top 10 Posts of 2022

I’m taking a moment to shout about an end-of-year win. My April article, “The Best Fantasy Books You’ve Never Heard Of,” took the No. 8 spot among Book Riot‘s most popular posts of the year! Many thanks to Book Riot‘s fantastic editorial team for letting me geek out over hidden gems like The Insides and The Gentleman, and use that most excellent word—mountebank—in an article.

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annual awards eligibility post, 2022

Annual Awards Eligibility Post, 2022

Hi hi, all. I’ve been woefully negligent about updating this blog this year, but there’s been a lot going on. I’ve had to fight with my homeowner’s insurance, weather a layoff, and come to terms with the progression of our senior cat’s terminal illness. Nevertheless, I need to write up a quick awards eligibility post, because it’s ✨nomination season✨. Links to my 2022 fiction—and a cat photo!—below.

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