those who forget and those who perish

Announcement: “Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish” Is Coming Soon in SEIZE THE PRESS!

So excited to announce that I’ve sold a new story, “Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish,” to Seize the Press! Despite what the title may suggest, this is not an Omelas story, but it is a gruesome little downer, and it’s my first horror sale! I’ve rewritten this piece several times, and I’m so glad it finally has a home.

According to my records on The Grinder, “Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish” received three rejections in 2020 and one in 2021, when it was known as “Nightmares for Horse-Girls.” It was the tenth of thirteen total submissions for 2022 so far, and it was my first ever submission to Seize the Press. This is my first acceptance of 2022, following nine rejections.

As of this writing, I have six open submissions, none of which is a simultaneous or multiple submission. One of them has been shortlisted for an anthology, and I’m trying my best not to constantly refresh The Grinder for more info on final decisions there.

My writing has taken a hard right into twisted fairytale retellings of late. I’m currently working on editing an old “Red Riding-Hood” story, which has not been previously submitted, and my WIP is a contemporary take on the legends of Tír na nÓg. (Those of you who know me IRL know exactly how much I love stories about deal-happy trickster fae. My apologies to my students, especially those who said I ruined Disney movies for them.)

I’m excited to pick back up with some more previously abandoned projects—including an original fairytale and a sci-fi social-horror piece inspired by the Dust Bowl—soon.

“Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish” is forthcoming in a summer issue of Seize the Press. You can read more of my fiction here.

Image credit: Svetlana B on Unsplash