“Along Our Perforated Creases” Is Out Now in Diabolical Plots

One month after my first professionally published story, “Our Fate, Told in Photons” appeared in Clarkesworld, I’m celebrating another publication, this time in Diabolical Plots.

“Along Our Perforated Creases” is out now in Diabolical Plots #77A. Subscribers to the Diabolical Plots newsletter were able to read this story last month, along with Elizabeth Kestrel’s fantastic sci-fi piece, “Kudzu,” which will appear in Diabolical Plots #77B.

I originally titled this story “Origami,” for reasons that will become apparent upon reading. I made an effort to move away from one-word titles sometime last year, and retitled “Along Our Perforated Creases” and two or three other, as-yet-unpublished stories in the process.

It’s extraordinarily fitting that this piece is out on my husband’s birthday, because he’s never once asked me to fold.

Image credit: Ben Wicks on Unsplash