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Kristian Wilson Colyard does not anticipate that any personal banking or credit card information will be collected by herself or this site. The use of PayPal and similar third-party agencies for service payments is subject to those agencies’ respective terms of service agreements.

Clients under contracted service agreements may have their personal information retained until the terms of the contract have been met. The purpose of this retention is to guarantee service, and information retained this way will not be shared with third-party agencies.

Delivery of services shall be subject to the conditions of contracts signed by both Kristian Wilson Colyard and her clients.

All payments are due on or before the agreed-upon dates as outlined in the signed contract. Clients should be aware that the final products of contracted services may be lawfully withheld by Kristian Wilson Colyard until such time as any late payments have been made current by the owing client. Late payments are defined as those payments which are made after the agreed-upon dates, or those which are declined by financial institutions.

The client is responsible for any and all payments made via this website or via third-party agencies for services advertised on this website.

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