Greetings and Salutations

author photoI’m Kristian, and I’m a writer.

(Hi, Kristian.)

I’ve been published as both Kristian Wilson and, more recently, as K.W. Colyard.

On this blog, I share writing guides, bookish listicles, musings, and updates.

From 2015–2022, I worked as a books features writer at Bustle by day. But by moonlight, I fight evil and — wait, that’s Sailor Moon. Oh, right, I moonlight as a freelancer and adjunct professor. You can read some of my work at LadyClever, The Artifice, Elite Daily, and

My fiction has appeared in ClarkesworldDiabolical Plots, and Seize the Press. I’m currently working on a horror novel.

My pronouns are they/she.

But, hey, enough about me. I want to hear from you! Follow me on Twitter @kristianwriting or drop me a line here to get in touch.