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UPDATE: All Posts 29 May – 4 June 2016

Internet outrage was at a high this week, with arguments over the Stanford rape case, Harambe the gorilla, fandoms’ impact on intellectual properties, and more. Some of these issues leaked into the articles I published, and others did not intersect with my work at all. Here’s what I wrote as we took a turn into the summer months.

About Perspective: On How Not to Be Amanda Lauren

Online shock rag xoJane published Amanda Lauren’s myopic essay on how her estranged friend’s suicide relieved her of the burden of reading about her depression on Facebook. Here’s a handy guide to not making an ass of yourself on the Internet.

The First Assassin’s Creed YA Novel Has a Cover

Assassin’s Creed comes to teen fiction shelves everywhere this fall, with all new stealth-killing adventures.

Who Plays Harry Potter in The Cursed Child? Jamie Parker’s Hair Is Perfectly Messy for Potter Role

I always had a huge problem with Daniel Radcliffe’s hair in the Harry Potter film adaptations, from Order of the Phoenix on. It just wasn’t messy enough! If these new cast photos are any indication, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child might rectify Hollywood’s abysmal manhandling of Harry’s hair.

Who Plays Ginny in The Cursed Child? Poppy Miller Channels Molly Weasley in Stage Role

Everyone wanted to be Molly Weasley’s kid at some point. Donning a pullover and long skirt, Poppy Miller seems set to follow in her fictional mother’s fashion footsteps.

Roxane Gay Is June’s Book of the Month Club Guest Judge — Q&A

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay talks writing and the Kardashians — not mutually exclusive subjects — in this short Q&A that showcases Book of the Month’s picks for June.

Are Frog and Toad Gay? The Author’s Daughter Suggests They May Have Been More Than Friends

Frog and Toad are friends? Nope. Frog and Toad are gay, and they make a fabulous odd couple today, more than 45 years after Arnold Lobel published their first adventures.

10 Audiobooks to Lose Yourself in on Your Next Run

I really enjoy using my workout periods to listen to nonfiction books. Here are 10 great picks for your next week of running.

Why We Shouldn’t Look for Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes

Most people who film themselves having sex don’t intend for those tapes to be seen by the general public. The leak of those tapes, then, is a sex crime — not a scandal.

Book Vending Machines Are Now a Thing, and This Is a Dream Come True

Book vending machines have been around for a while, but Singapore now has several permanent installations that stock local literature.

The Neil Gaiman Documentary Trailer Is Here — And We Couldn’t Be More Excited to See This Film

When Neil Gaiman embarked on his last signing tour, a film crew followed. Here, the beloved author tells his own story, with help from friends, family, and fans.

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