The header image for the 2019 #InktoberWriting Challenge.

The 2019 #InktoberWriting Challenge

Every October, I get a little bit jealous of my artist friends, who bust out their Inktober lists for 31 days of nonstop creative productivity. Instead of trying to get back to my artistic roots this year, I decided to publish an #InktoberWriting Challenge, for writers interested in making the month of October all about their craft. I’ve got two lists of 31 horror writing prompts for you below, so keep reading for your dose of spooky inspiration.

The season of spookiness has finally arrived, y’all! I know you’re going to want to spend your October planning for NaNoWriMo, but there’s no reason why you can’t jump-start your creativity by endeavoring to write one story — no matter how short — each day.

The two lists of #InktoberWriting prompts below are intended for writers who want to compose 31 original pieces of horror fiction during the month of October, but, with a little bit of imagination, they will also work for poets and essayists. Obviously, if one of the two lists below won’t work for you, you should feel free to mix and match these writing prompts as you see fit.

Check out the 2019 #InktoberWriting Challenge lists below, and be sure to share your October writing experiences with me on Twitter and Instagram, using the #InktoberWriting hashtag.

The 2019 #InktoberWriting Challenge

List No. 1

  1. Rural Horror
  2. Cosmic Horror
  3. Apocalyptic Horror
  4. Erotic Horror
  5. Occult Horror
  6. Psychological Horror
  7. Surreal Horror
  8. Visceral Horror
  9. Weird Fiction
  10. Gothic Horror
  11. Crime Horror
  12. Survival Horror
  13. Sci-Fi Horror
  14. Dark Fantasy
  15. Slasher Horror
  16. Suspense
  17. Religious Horror
  18. Space Isolation Horror
  19. Weird West
  20. Zombie Apocalypse
  21. Horror Comedy
  22. Paranormal
  23. Fairytale Horror
  24. Alien Invasion
  25. Body Horror
  26. Giallo
  27. Folk Horror
  28. Lovecraftian
  29. Quiet Horror
  30. Noir
  31. Technohorror

List No. 2

  1. Haunted House
  2. Possession
  3. Vampires
  4. Creepy Kids
  5. Ancient Curse
  6. Witches
  7. Man-made Horrors
  8. Demons
  9. Urban Legend
  10. Fae
  11. Serial Killer
  12. Kaiju
  13. Aliens
  14. Ghosts
  15. Eldritch Evil
  16. Killer Clowns
  17. Monster Mash
  18. Body Snatchers
  19. Chupacabra
  20. Sea Monsters
  21. Mummy
  22. Cannibals
  23. Creepy Dolls
  24. Final Girl
  25. Onryo
  26. Lycanthropes
  27. Evil Genie
  28. Zombies
  29. The Worm That Walks
  30. Labyrinth

Got your own idea for a horror writing prompt? Share your favorites with me in the comments!

Image credit: Patrick Fore on Unsplash