The header image for the 2019 #InktoberWriting Challenge.

The 2019 #InktoberWriting Challenge

Every October, I get a little bit jealous of my artist friends, who bust out their Inktober lists for 31 days of nonstop creative productivity. Instead of trying to get back to my artistic roots this year, I decided to publish an #InktoberWriting Challenge, for writers interested in making the month of October all about their craft. I’ve got two lists of 31 horror writing prompts for you below, so keep reading for your dose of spooky inspiration.

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one-word writing prompts

15 One-Word Writing Prompts (with Definitions)

A lot of non-creative people believe that being an artist is the easiest, most natural job in the world. After all, writers, painters, and musicians must all have some sort of innate genius, right? And tapping into that genius—penning the words, brushing the strokes, strumming the chords—takes no effort at all, right? I mean, if you’re good at it. It’s easy to fall into these pitfalls of ignorant thought, where we automatically assume that we are the only ones working hard, but the truth is that we all get creatively constipated sometimes. Continue reading