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UPDATE: All Posts from 24 – 30 May 2015

This has been a busy week, but I think my workload has given me a natural high. I just started the Journalism Training Program (JTP) with GameSkinny on Tuesday, so getting to write a lot more about video games might have something to with it. My editing service business is also really starting to take off, and that’s exciting, too.

Since it’s starting to look like I’ll be constantly updating my bibliography page from here on out, I’ve decided to reboot the Updates category and actually put it to good use. You can look forward to compilation posts like these on Fridays for the foreseeable future.

Let’s Look at Halt and Catch Fire‘s Women in STEM

My first post for LadyClever went live on Monday! Given the fact that I just finished marathoning Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix in anticipation of the season 2 premiere, this was a fun and easy article to write.

AkiraMetropolis, and the Quest for the Übermensch in Postmodern Japanese Animation

I know, I know. That title is a mouthful. Cut me some slack; it was a term paper for my Topics in Film class: Anime, Kung Fu, and John Woo. No, I’m not even kidding. College is an amazing place for geeks.

With ‘House of Wolves’ DLC, ‘Destiny’ Finally Feels Complete

I’m really happy with how both my Destiny articles turned out this week, but publishing this one made me especially giddy, because I haven’t written anything for Geek Insider in almost a month, and I was really missing seeing my bylines over there.


I’m not in love with the title, but I didn’t pick it. One of my fellow writers over at The Artifice suggested this topic, and his suggestion was almost identical to an idea I had for an examination of the cosmic horror aspects in Destiny. I took it and ran with it.

No Flying? No Problem! How Bungie’s Controversial Draenor Decision Benefits WoW Players

This article got a negative comment right off the bat. That’s okay, though. I see amazing articles get crapped on all the time, so I have to just take it as it comes, right? Regardless of what some may think, I stand by my argument.

Meet Screentendo: Your Newest Time-Suck

This was so much fun to write. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy writing short news blurbs like this one, especially when they’re about humorous diversions like this one. And what’s more, since I’m taking Python classes now, I get to wonder whether I’ll ever upload anything cool like this to GitHub.


The ambitious folks over at Keen Software House are almost two months into their development of a general AI. You can check out its evolution in this short article. It’s exciting, so you really should check it out.


Continuing from last week’s article on Italian sonnets, my newest How-To is a guide to writing the elusive – but still important – Spenserian sonnet. Expect a guide to Shakespearean sonnets next week, and, as always, feel free to request or suggest How-To content.

Preorder Bonus Gives Elder Scrolls Online Players More Customization Options

I’m not sure why Bethesda decided that a three races per alliance model was the way to go, but that’s a subject for another day. Here’s a rundown of what you get when you preorder The Elder Scrolls Online console port for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

DARPA Launches a Second Round of Code-Checking Online Games

I’ve brought popcorn to await the arrival of the conspiracy nuts to this party. This was an interesting development this week, and the games DARPA has added to their roster look pretty good. If you play them, and you end up trapped in a real-life version of Real Genius, though: don’t blame me.

I know there’s a lot of gaming news here this week. Most of you probably don’t come around for this kind of thing, but I’m standing on a tripod: I read; I write; I play video games. While I don’t post a lot of gaming-oriented content here, I do write a lot of it, and I want to share it.

As always, your clicks, comments, and shares are appreciated.

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