useless bay review

Useless Bay: A Review

Useless BayClaire Hutchet Bishop’s The Five Chinese Brothers moves to the Pacific Northwest in this YA mystery from M.J. Beaufrand. Useless Bay introduces readers to the Gray quints — four brothers and sister Pixie — and the Shepherds: an ultra-wealthy family who vacation near the Grays’ home on Whidbey Island. When two members of the Shepherd clan go missing, the Grays are the first people suspected, and the supersized, superpowered teens must rush to solve the mystery and save themselves and their friends. Continue reading

iron cast review

Iron Cast: A Review

Iron CastIn terms of a novel’s potential, I don’t think I’ve read any bit of publisher’s copy more convincing than that of Destiny Soria‘s Iron Cast. Set in 1919 Boston, this young adult title centers on Ada and Corinne: two teenage hemopaths whose ability to use blood magic marks them as inhuman. What could have been a dark and gripping tale of magic and mystery in a Jazz Age underground ultimately fizzles out before it ever really sparks an interest. Continue reading

the movie version review

The Movie Version: A Review

The Movie VersionAmelia Anderson has always been happy to be Toby’s younger sister, and that’s what makes his sudden onset of mental illness so difficult to navigate. In The Movie Version, Emma Wunsch tosses her protagonist into a difficult situation, in which she is forced to define herself for the first time. Unfortunately, the way Wunsch’s text treats Toby’s schizophrenia leaves much to be desired, and ultimately makes the book nearly impossible to enjoy. Continue reading