Think the Publishing Industry Is Genderblind? Think Again.

By the time we reach a certain level of professionalism, most of us would like to believe that our work speaks for us. Sometimes this is not the case, we reason—like when the hiring manager is an old nemesis from high school—but it’s largely what we do, not who we are, that determines our success. Although I am well-aware that not even men can get by on their merits these days, I also know that women absolutely cannot afford to navigate the working world with this rose-tinting philosophy. Continue reading

5 Authentic Tales by Asian Women

One of the side-effects of being a geek is an inevitable interest in East Asian culture. Whether you got sucked in through anime, electronics, films, manga, pop music, or video games, you eventually up in the same place. Often times, however, Westerners’ awareness of China, Japan, and Korea only goes so far. While most geeks are eager to reprimand others’ ignorant comments, few have any real interest in the sociopolitical dynamics of East Asian countries; aside from the Samurai and Shaolin, Asian history gets ignored in favor of Herodotean generalizations about male-dominated societies and femicide.  Continue reading