words to describe darkness

8 Words to Describe Darkness

With autumn come cold and dreary days, which grow steadily shorter as the season progresses into winter. Because this lack of sunlight contributes to generally depressed attitudes throughout the cooler months, this week’s Words on Wednesdays is dedicated to finding the writers in the audience eight¬†excellent words to describe darkness. For the gothic lit fans in the audience: a full half of these words are literary terms, so fill up your inkwells and prepare! Continue reading

wonder woman

Wonder Woman, Is the World Ready for You?

As a person who spends a lot of her time in geek and nerd circles, I often find myself caught up in age-old arguments, like Can Wolverine Really Die? or What’s Stronger: Captain America’s Shield or Mjolnir?* Sometimes these arguments can get a little—okay, a lot—offensive. Just recently, someone made the comment that the new Superman movie was going to be a Justice League film, because Batman was going to be in it. “Aquaman and Wonder Woman, too,” I said. The groans started almost immediately, and I expected the next comments to steer the conversation towards a light dissection of Aquaman’s illogical League inclusion. But no. The offender was not that most useless of Super Friends, but Wonder Woman.¬† Continue reading