A blood orange, peeled and halved, lies partially covered on a wrinkled, black sheet.

Fruit of Knowledge: A Review

Fruit Of Knowledge: The Vulva vs. The Patriarchy

I was in my senior year of college before I learned to spot the widespread vilification of vulvas and vaginas. In reading Swedish artist Liv Strömquist‘s graphic novel, Fruit of Knowledge: The Vulva vs. The Patriarchy, I relived every emotion and thought I had at the moment of realization. For feminists looking to renew and refocus their fury, it’s hard to beat Fruit of Knowledge as light reading. Continue reading

my life on the road review

My Life on the Road: A Review

My Life on the RoadIf you want to know what it’s like to live a life in-transit — to dress yourself out of a suitcase, shower in truck stops, and sleep in airport terminals — My Life on the Road is not the book you’re looking for. Gloria Steinem‘s memoir is a reflection on jet-setting and wandering, but it’s one written from the perspective of a woman who reached retirement before she settled down and got herself a permanent residence. Her story would be unbelievable if anyone else tried to tell it, and that’s what makes it so magnetic. Continue reading

Stop Trying to Cheer Me Up: Why Websites for Pregnant Women Should Include Those Who Don’t Want Children

There are huge chasms between the experiences of childless Millennials and mothers, and nowhere are these gaps more apparent than on the Internet. Websites for pregnant women draw thousands to discuss conception, pregnancy, and motherhood, while excluding women who don’t want children. There is a new culture war waging between these two communities, but they have more in common than they think. It’s time they came together and stopped with all the bullshit. Continue reading

Social Responsibility in the Digital Age: Sex Crimes, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rape Culture

Over the Labor Day weekend, while average US citizens were watching college football, cooking out, and enjoying the extra day away from work and school, a vile crime was committed against members of a particular group, who are, every day, simultaneously worshiped and reviled. At this point, it’s probably old news to you, but I’ll tell you the mainstream gist of it all: Jennifer Lawrence is now naked on the Internet. Continue reading