bee and puppy cat vol 1 review

Bee and PuppyCat, Vol. 1: A Review

Bee and Puppycat, Vol. 1I was first introduced to Natasha Allegri‘s Bee and PuppyCat in a rather unlikely place: Facebook Messenger. Having never heard of Allegri’s webseries, I assumed the poofy-haired girl and her cross-looking pet/sidekick were from an aeni or manhwa. It wasn’t until I bought Bee and PuppyCat, Vol. 1 in a Humble Comics Bundle that I found out the history of what’s become one of my favorite comics series. Continue reading

superhero girl faith erin hicks

The Adventures of Superhero Girl: A Review

The Adventures of Superhero GirlFaith Erin Hicks‘s graphic novel, The Adventures of Superhero Girl, unravels its girl-next-door heroine slowly. Superhero Girl isn’t any more complex than you or I, but you and I both know that you just can’t rush getting to know someone. That’s an investment, after all. If Hicks had shown us all of her heroine’s flaws in the first comics, we’d have never read the rest, and that would be a shame. Continue reading