how to write a 5-paragraph essay

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay

Effective information organization is one of the most challenging problems non-writers encounter when tasked with a composition project. While the lowly 5-paragraph essay would be a poor format choice for your dissertation, it has proven to be very effective when used to write book reviews, cover letters, and pitches. This is a handy guide to writing a 5-paragraph essay for – almost – any situation. Continue reading

words every writer should know

13 Words Every Writer Should Know

When you first enter the word of literature and literary academia, the vocabulary can be unnerving. These are words you’ve probably never seen before; you hardly feel comfortable reading them to yourself, much less out-loud. Everyone has met with challenges like these at least once, so try not to let your intimidation keep you from meeting these challenges head-on. Here are 13 words every writer should know. Continue reading

how to write a complete sentence

How to Write a Complete Sentence

The problem I hear hobbyist writers–the ones with notebooks of poetry and short stories that they have no interest in publishing–complain about the most is their lack of knowledge regarding English grammatical structure. Now, as an English major who has studied the history and development of the language, I can tell you with 100% certainty that English can be cruel, frustrating, and downright illogical. Expressing complicated ideas can be like pulling teeth, when half the rules don’t make any practical sense at all. For those of you who have been struggling for years, I present my first tutorial: How to Write a Complete Sentence. Continue reading