words to describe darkness

8 Words to Describe Darkness

With autumn come cold and dreary days, which grow steadily shorter as the season progresses into winter. Because this lack of sunlight contributes to generally depressed attitudes throughout the cooler months, this week’s Words on Wednesdays is dedicated to finding the writers in the audience eight excellent words to describe darkness. For the gothic lit fans in the audience: a full half of these words are literary terms, so fill up your inkwells and prepare! Continue reading

words for fall

7 Non-English Words for Fall

In honor of September being the official start of fall* and the seventh month of the pre-Julian Roman calendar, let’s jump start this months’ Words on Wednesdays by talking about seven non-English words for “autumn.” To make this list interesting, I’ve tried to pick tongues that are easily recognized but globally and linguistically distant from each other. For languages using a non-Roman alphabet, I have included both native and romanized versions. Continue reading

prophetic words

7 Prophetic Words

I’m beginning to notice a theme this week: philosophy, religion, and sevens. Not that I mind themes; they can make things so much more interesting. This week’s Words on Wednesdays post will be of particular interest to fantasy writers in all genres, as well as anyone writing in the field of comparative religion. Regardless of whether you fit this bill or not, I hope you will enjoy reading through this list as much as I enjoyed compiling it. Continue reading

philosophy ebooks

7 Philosophy E-Books You Forgot to Download

I have a strong personal belief that people today do not read enough philosophy. Aside from the prolific Slavoj Žižek, there are few-to-no critics who are both popular and non-religious. Where philosophy was in the past seen as a field worthy of universal study, today we find it separates and clusters along denominational lines. Put simply, no matter how polarizing a figure Rob Bell may be, he’s part of a niche market.
Continue reading

4 Reasons to Buy Used Books

I’ve touched previously on the struggles low-income families and students face when trying to access reading materials, and have emphasized buying used books as a viable alternative to paying high cover prices. I realize, however, that my reasoning  has heretofore failed to include those who could buy used but don’t have to. Here, then, for your reading pleasure is a list of four simple facts to compel anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, to buy used books. Continue reading