May 2017

Get Out Director Jordan Peel’s Next Project Is a Book-to-TV Adaptation.” Bustle. 19 May 2017. Link.

“This Call for the Best Lines in Literature Shows How Much We Fail at Representation.” Bustle. 19 May 2017. Link.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Is Legit Based on Real Life.” Bustle. 19 May 2017. Link.

“10 Experimental Novels That Aren’t Hard to Read.” Bustle. 18 May 2017. Link.

“The Witcher Saga TV Series Adaptation Coming to Netflix.” Bustle. 17 May 2017. Link.

“Penelope Bagieu’s Brazen Graphic Novel Tells the Stories of Game-Changing Women.” Bustle. 17 May 2017. Link.

“Ann Patchett Will Write Nonfiction Book about Suffrage.” Bustle. 17 May 2017. Link.

“The American Writers Museum Is Your Next Vacation Destination.” Bustle. 16 May 2017. Link.

“Marvel Cancels Black Panther & The Crew, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Anti-Police Brutality Comic.” Bustle. 16 May 2017. Link.

“See the Cover for Ava Dellaira’s New Novel In Search Of — COVER REVEAL.” Bustle. 12 May 2017. Link.

“Reese Witherspoon Is Bringing Two More Books to the Screen, So Get Ready, Big Little Lies Fans.” Bustle. 12 May 2017. Link.

“Rare Harry Potter Prequel Worth $32,000 Was Stolen from Its Owner.” Bustle. 12 May 2017. Link.

“A House from the Pride & Prejudice Miniseries Is On Sale for the First Time in 70 Years.” Bustle. 10 May 2017. Link.

Shattered, the Book about Hillary Clinton’s Loss, May Become a TV Series.” Bustle. 10 May 2017. Link.

“Netflix’s Anne of Green Gables Series vs. the Books Proves This Classic Story Can Still Be Surprising.” Bustle. 10 May 2017. Link.

“Hillary Clinton Is Set to Appear at the Biggest Book Event of the Year.” Bustle. 10 May 2017. Link.

“10 Most Touching Lines from the Harry Potter Books.” Bustle. 9 May 2017. Link.

“10 Children’s Books Written by Celebrities.” Bustle. 9 May 2017. Link.

“11 Literary Graphic Novels All Book Nerds Should Read.” Bustle. 7 May 2017. Link.

“Hillary Clinton Warns That The Handmaid’s Tale Could Become Our Reality.” Bustle. 5 May 2017. Link.

“A Harry Potter Book Club Is Coming Soon, Just in Time for the 20th Anniversary.” Bustle. 5 May 2017. Link.

“10 Summer Book Club Picks Everyone Will Enjoy.” Bustle. 5 May 2017. Link.

“These Are the Six Best Sci-Fi Novels of the Last Year.” Bustle. 5 May 2017. Link.

“10 Books about Mothers and Daughters to Read with Your Mom.” Bustle. 5 May 2017. Link.

“7 Funny Essay Collections to Give Your Mom on Mothers Day.” Bustle. 4 May 2017. Link.

“Readers Are More Attractive on Dating Sites, According to a New Study.” Bustle. 3 May 2017. Link.

“The Dark Tower Trailer Contains References to It and The Shining That You Probably Missed.” Bustle. 3 May 2017. Link.

“Neil Gaiman Told American Gods Showrunners to Cut Controversial Scene from the Pilot.” Bustle. 3 May 2017. Link.

“This New Imprint Will Publish Experimental Fiction and Dramatic Podcasts — In Other Words, a Dream Come True.” Bustle. 2 May 2017. Link.

“How Did The Handmaid’s Tale End? Offred’s Story Leaves Off on a Cliffhanger.” Bustle. 2 May 2017. Link.

“10 Thrillers You Need to Read, According to Goodreads.” Bustle. 1 May 2017. Link.

“The Best Mystery, Crime, and Thriller Books of the Last Year.” Bustle. 1 May 2017. Link.

April 2017

“Harper Lee Called Truman Capote a ‘Compulsive Liar’ in Her Letters, According to New Book.” Bustle. 28 Apr 2017. Link.

“11 American Gods Book Quotes That’ll Convince You to Read the Neil Gaiman Novel ASAP.” Bustle. 27 Apr 2017. Link.

“Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale vs. the Book Shows How Much Has Changed — and Stayed the Same.” Bustle. 26 Apr 2017. Link

“This French Bookstore Is Taking the Most Creative Shelfies to Advertise Their Favorite Books.” Bustle. 26 Apr 2017. Link.

“The Handmaid’s Tale Is Being Given Out For Free.at This NYC Art Installation.” Bustle. 26 Apr 2017. Link.

“London Bookstore That Trolled Piers Morgan Now Has Fans Buying Books on Twitter.” Bustle. 26 Apr 2017. Link.

“Help Get Children’s Books with Muslim Characters into Schools by Donating to This Campaign.” Bustle. 21 Apr 2017. Link.

“What Happened in The Handmaid’s Tale? Margaret Atwood’s Iconic Novel Is Still Relevant Today.” Bustle. 21 Apr 2017. Link.

“17 Books That Aren’t about What You Thought When You First Read Them.” Bustle. 20 Apr 2017. Link.

“How to Start a Mother-Daughter Book Club, Even If It’s Just the Two of You.” Bustle. 19 Apr 2017. Link.

“Emma Watson’s Latest Feminist Book Club Pick Is the Perfect Read for Our Political Climate.” Bustle. 19 Apr 2017. Link.

“#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear Sheds Light on the Sexism That Female Writers Face Daily.” Bustle. 18 Apr 2017. Link.

“‘Welcoming Schools’ Need Diverse Books, According to the Human Rights Campaign.” Bustle. 14 Apr 2017. Link.

“These Harry Potter Words Could Be Made Official by Oxford English Dictionary.” Bustle. 14 Apr 2017. Link.

“Jules Verne’s Time Capsule Was Just Discovered by Archaeologists in France.” Bustle. 14 Apr 2017. Link.

“The Deathday Party in Harry Potter Has a Grim Double Meaning You Never Realized.” Bustle. 14 Apr 2017. Link.

“This Woman Is Creating a Massive Art Installation to Bring Attention to Banned Books.” Bustle. 12 Apr 2017. Link.

“15 Crowdfunding Campaigns for Libraries to Donate to This National Library Week.” Bustle. 12 Apr 2017. Link.

“This Bookseller Is Crowdfunding for a Bookstore Owned and Operated by People of Color.” Bustle. 12 Apr 2017. Link.

“Judy Blume to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from American Academy of Arts and Letters.” Bustle. 12 Apr 2017. Link.

“Buy One of These Hogwarts-Inspired T-Shirts & Support Libraries at the Same Time.” Bustle. 11 Apr 2017. Link.

“Share Your Favorite Inspiring Book Quotes with Friends Using This New App.” Bustle. 11 Apr 2017. Link.

“10 Short Novels You Can Read in a Weekend.” Bustle. 10 Apr 2017. Link.

“Khloe Kardashian Shares Her Steamy Sex & Relationship Book Recommendations.” Bustle. 7 Apr 2017. Link.

“Old Books Smell Like Chocolate and Coffee, According to Science.” Bustle. 7 Apr 2017. Link.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass Is a Feminist Snow White Retelling — COVER & EXCERPT REVEAL.” Bustle. 7 Apr 2017. Link.

“The ‘Reading Without Walls’ Challenge Asks Users to Read Beyond Their Comfort Zone.” Bustle. 7 Apr 2017. Link.

“New Star Wars Book Will Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Films with 40 Amazing Authors.” Bustle. 7 Apr 2017. Link.

“Hillary Clinton’s New Book Will Explore Misogyny in 2016 Election.” Bustle. 7 Apr 2017. Link.

“20 Delightfully Quirky Novels That Will Remind You How Strange the World Really Is.” Bustle. 6 Apr 2017. Link.

“Why Lizzie Bennet Is One of the Most Kickass Characters in Lit, Explained in Adorable Two Minute Video.” Bustle. 5 Apr 2017. Link.

“This Ulysses-Inspired Video Game Takes Players Back to 1904 Dublin.” Bustle. 5 Apr 2017. Link.

“The Book Stephen King Co-Wrote with His Son Is Being Adapted for TV.” Bustle. 5 Apr 2017. Link.

“A Harry Potter Role-Playing Game Might Be in the Works.” Bustle. 5 Apr 2017. Link.

“19 Books Like Big Little Lies for Fans to Read after Watching the Final Episode.” Bustle. 5 Apr 2017. Link.

“Justin Trudeau’s Favorite Books Will Definitely Make You Love Him More.” Bustle. 4 Apr 2017. Link.

“What If Snape Didn’t Die? This Harry Potter Fan Theory Could Change Everything.” Bustle. 4 Apr 2017. Link.

“George Takei Is Writing a Graphic Memoir about His Time in an Internment Camp.” Bustle. 4 Apr 2017. Link.

“Stephen King Compares Donald Trump to Villains from His Books, and It’s Terrifyingly On Point.” Bustle. 4 Apr 2017. Link.

“12 Writing Prompt Twitter Accounts Every Aspiring Author Needs to Follow.” Bustle. 4 Apr 2017. Link.

March 2017

“15 Books about Women Who Led Revolutions.” Bustle. 30 Mar 2017. Link.

“#ThanksForTyping Gives Credit to the Women Who Helped Write Their Husbands’ Books.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2017. Link.

“The New It Trailer Is Just as Glorious and Terrifying as You Feared.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2017. Link.

“This Bookstore Turns Classic Books into Clickbait to Get More People Excited about Reading.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2017. Link.

“Bob Dylan Is Finally Picking Up His Nobel Prize for Literature.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2017. Link.

Eye Contact Is a Slam-Poetry Virtual Reality Experience That Takes You Around the World.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2017. Link.

“A Buffy YA Book Series Is Coming Soon to Fill the Slayer-Shaped Hole in Your Life.” Bustle. 28 Mar 2017. Link.

“A Doomsday Library Now Exists in Norway, So Your Fave Lit May Survive the Apocalypse.” Bustle. 28 Mar 2017. Link.

“New Fantastic Beasts Books Contain a Misprint That Could Make Them Worth Thousands of Dollars.” Bustle. 28 Mar 2017. Link.

“How Much Money Is the Harry Potter Franchise Worth? This Video Does the Math.” Bustle. 27 Mar 2017. Link.

“Jane Austen Apparently Faked Two Marriages as a Mischievous Teenager.” Bustle. 27 Mar 2017. Link.

“15 Short-Story Collections You Should Binge Read This Weekend.” Bustle. 24 Mar 2017. Link.

“7 Books to Read about North Korea to Help You Better Understand the Mysterious Country.” Bustle. 22 Mar 2017. Link.

“10 Books Like Logan to Read If You Miss Wolverine.” Bustle. 22 Mar 2017. Link.

“SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch Just Referenced Harry Potter — And There Are So Many Questions.” Bustle. 21 Mar 2017. Link.

Lean In Author Sheryl Sandberg’s New Book Is about Resilience in the Face of Her Husband’s Death.” Bustle. 21 Mar 2017. Link.

“15 Poems to Read with Partners and Friends.” Bustle. 21 Mar 2017. Link.

Words in Deep Blue Is the Bookstore YA Romance You’ve Been Waiting For — EXCERPT.” Bustle. 21 Mar 2017. Link.

“Tucker Carlson Asked Trump What He Reads, and His Answer Wasn’t Pretty.” Bustle. 20 Mar 2017. Link.

“5 Intersectional Feminist Books the Women’s March Recommends to Help You Reflect & Resist.” Bustle. 20 Mar 2017. Link.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s Book Good Grief Is a Must-Read Guide to Life after Loss.” Bustle. 17 Mar 2017. Link.

“Nobel Laureat Derek Walcott Has Died at Age 87, but His Poetry Lives On.” Bustle. 17 Mar 2017. Link.

“This 11-Year-Old Boy Started a Book Club for African-American Kids.” Bustle. 16 Mar 2017. Link.

“Sci-Fi Writer Nnedi Okorafor Opens Up About the Whitewashing of Her Cover.” Bustle. 16 Mar 2017. Link.

“Ivanka Trump Is Writing a Memoir about Motherhood.” Bustle. 16 Mar 2017. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Just Revealed New Info about Dumbledore & Newt Scamander’s Relationship.” Bustle. 15 Mar 2017. Link.

“13 Works of Fiction in Translation Nominated for the Man Booker International Prize.” Bustle. 15 Mar 2017. Link.

“Was Jane Austen Poisoned with Arsenic? The Theory Makes for Great Crime Fiction.” Bustle. 15 Mar 2017. Link.

“Emma Watson’s Favorite Childhood Book Proves She’s Always Been a Fan of Magical Heroines.” Bustle. 15 Mar 2017. Link.

The Mothers by Brit Bennett Is Being Adapted into a Movie by Kerry Washington.” Bustle. 14 Mar 2017. Link.

“10 Robert James Waller Quotes about Life and Love.” Bustle. 10 Mar 2017. Link.

The Bridges of Madison County Author Robert James Waller Is Dead at 77.” Bustle. 10 Mar 2017. Link.

“Pottermore Just Published Young Marauders Portraits, and This Is Not a Drill.” Bustle. 10 Mar 2017. Link.

“Stephen King and His Son Are Writing a Supernatural Thriller Together.” Bustle. 10 Mar 2017. Link.

“7 Books Ivy League Professors Think Every Student Should Read in 2017.” Bustle. 9 Mar 2017. Link.

“The Illustrated Prisoner of Azkaban Cover Is Here, and It’s Magically Gorgeous.” Bustle. 7 Mar 2017. Link.

“Former Vanity Fair Editor-in-Chief Is Writing a Tell-All about Magazine Life in the ’80s.” Bustle. 3 Mar 2017. Link.

“A Real-Life Wizarding School Is Coming to a Castle in England, and You Can Attend.” Bustle. 3 Mar 2017. Link.

“15 Margaret Atwood Inspired Baby Names for the Little Feminists in Your Life.” Bustle. 2 Mar 2017. Link.

“Put This Prisoner of Azkaban Inspired Escape Room on Your Bucket List.” Bustle. 1 Mar 2017. Link.

“8 Nonfiction Books You Need to Read This Women’s History Month.” Bustle. 1 Mar 2017. Link.

“Alec Baldwin Is Co-Writing a Satirical Book about Donald Trump.” Bustle. 1 Mar 2017. Link.

“How Much Did the Obamas Make on Their Book Deal? You Won’t Believe the Number.” Bustle. 1 Mar 2017. Link.

February 2017

“How You Can Help Destigmatize Mental Illness.” LadyClever. 28 Feb 2017. Link.

“This 16th Century Erotica Novel Is Basically a Sexy Lift-the-Flap Book.” Bustle. 28 Feb 2017. Link.

“These Book-Themed Teas Are Perfect for Cozy Reading Days.” Bustle. Link.

“The 12 Books Chelsea Clinton Thinks You Should Read.” Bustle. 28 Feb 2017. Link.

“The Nebula Awards Nominees Are Wonderfully Diverse This Year.” Bustle. 24 Feb 2017. Link.

“Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Wants More Diverse Books for African Children.” Bustle 24 Feb 2017. Link.

“10 Novels about Space Travel That Will Definitely Change Your Perspective.” Bustle. 22 Feb 2017. Link.

“Professor Who Predicted Trump’s Win Is Writing a Book to Make the Case for Impeachment.” Bustle. 22 Feb 2017. Link.

“The PEN America 2017 Literary Award Winners Are Finally Here, So Add Them to Your TBR.” Bustle. 22 Feb 2017. Link.

“This LGBT-Friendly Fairy Tale Is a Must-Read for Kids and Adults.” Bustle. 22 Feb 2017. Link.

“Mall of America Is Looking for a Writer-in-Residence to Document Its 25-Year History.” Bustle. 21 Feb 2017. Link.

“Walt Whitman’s Lost Novel Available to Read for Free Online.” Bustle. 21 Feb 2017. Link.

“Tom Hanks Is Publishing a Short-Story Collection with a Fabulously Retro Cover You’ve to See.” Bustle. 21 Feb 2017. Link.

“J.K. Rowling’s Dog Has the Most Adorable, Feminist Literary Name.” Bustle. 21 Feb 2017. Link.

“Roxane Gay’s Response to Milo Yiannopoulos’ Canceled Book Is Spot-On.” Bustle. 21 Feb 2017. Link.

Miffy Creator Dick Bruna Has Died, but His Work Will Live on Forever.” Bustle. 17 Feb 2017. Link.

“20 Feminist Quotes for Your ‘Not My President’s Day’ March Signs.” Bustle. 17 Feb 2017. Link.

50 Shades Author E.L. James Roasted Piers Morgan on Twitter with a Harry Potter Quote.” Bustle. 17 Feb 2017. Link.

“Neil Gaiman Is Releasing a Neverwhere Sequel Called The Seven Sisters.” Bustle. 17 Feb 2017. Link.

“What Young Girls Must Know in the Age of Trumpism.” LadyClever. 16 Feb 2017. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Schools Piers Morgan on Twitter — With His Own Tweet.” Bustle. 15 Feb 2017. Link.

“Krysten Ritter Is Writing a Psychological Thriller, Because She Can Truly Do It All.” Bustle. 15 Feb 2017. Link.

Golden Compass Author Philip Pullman Is Writing a New Spin-Off Trilogy.” Bustle. 15 Feb 2017. Link.

“10 Books about Authoritarianism to Educate Yourself on the Political Ideology.” Bustle 15 Feb 2017. Link.

“A Handy Guide to Contacting Your Congressperson.” LadyClever. 14 Feb 2017. Link.

“American Girl Is Bringing Back Felicity and Introducing Five New Characters in 2017.” Bustle. 14 Feb 2017. Link.

“London Officials Blame 50 Shades of Grey for Rise in Sex Accidents.” Bustle. 14 Feb 2017. Link.

“Kate Mulgrew Narrates New Memoir about Life in Communist Russia — AUDIOBOOK EXCERPT.” Bustle. 14 Feb 2017. Link.

“Margaret Atwood Recommends Her Favorite Graphic Novels — Plus a Sneak Peek at Angel Catbird, Vol. 2.” Bustle. 10 Feb 2017. Link.

“Mr. Darcy Looked Nothing Like Colin Firth, According to Regency Era Experts.” Bustle. 10 Feb 2017. Link.

“6 Books Vice President Mike Pence Needs to Read about Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights.” Bustle. 10 Feb 2017. Link.

“Why Teen Vogue Is the Young Women’s Magazine to Watch.” LadyClever. 9 Feb 2017. Link

“U.S. Customs Seized Poetry Books in Florida, but Won’t Say Why.” Bustle. 8 Feb 2017. Link.

“12 Books with Feminist Heroes Who Persisted, Just Like Elizabeth Warren.” Bustle 8 Feb 2017. Link.

“This New Goodreads Feature Will Make It Way Easier for You to Complete Your Reading Challenge This Year.” Bustle. 8 Feb 2017. Link.

The Handmaid’s Tale Jumps to No. 1 Spot on Amazon Bestseller List.” Bustle. 8 Feb 2017. Link.

“San Francisco Bookstore Is Giving Away Copies of Dystopian Novels So Patrons Can ‘Read Up!’ and ‘Fight Back!'” Bustle. 7 Feb 2017. Link.

King’s Cage Author Victoria Aveyard Reveals Her Favorite Villains of All Time.” Bustle. 7 Feb 2017. Link.

“5 Contemporary Fiction Books That Tackle the Events of Recent History.” Bustle. 7 Feb 2017. Link.

“Did Harry Potter Have Psychic Powers? This Goblet of Fire Passage Will Blow Your Mind.” Bustle. 7 Feb 2017. Link.

“Make a Resolution to Write This Year.” LadyClever. 6 Feb 2017. Link.

“Gina Rodriguez to Star in Hulu Adaptation of YA Novel Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass.” Bustle. 3 Feb 2017. Link.

“These Brand New Harry Potter Covers Are Personalized by Hogwarts House.” Bustle. 3 Feb 2017. Link.

“Teens Who Vandalized Historic Black School with Racist Graffiti Sentenced to Read Diverse Books, Visit Holocaust Museum.” Bustle. 3 Feb 2017. Link.

“7 Books by Authors from Countries Affected by Trump’s Immigration Order.” Bustle. 3 Feb 2017. Link.

“Refusal of Women’s March to Partner with Anti-Choice Groups Is Not Hypocrisy.” LadyClever. 2 Feb 2017. Link.

“If You’re a Muslim Writer, These Literary Agents Want to See Your Work.” Bustle. 2 Feb 2017. Link.

“J.K. Rowling’s Sassiest Twitter Responses of 2017 So Far.” Bustle. 2 Feb 2017. Link.

“Four Valid Criticisms of the Women’s March.” LadyClever. 1 Feb 2017. Link.

“This Initiative Hopes to Inspire Every New Yorker to Read the Same Book.” Bustle. 1 Feb 2017. Link.

“When Does Hillary Clinton’s Book Come Out? The Essay Collection Will Be Released in Fall 2017.” Bustle. 1 Feb 2017. Link.

January 2017

“This Publisher Will Only Publish Books by Authors from Countries Affected by the Immigration Ban in 2018.” Bustle. 31 Jan 2017. Link.

“These Authors Won’t Visit the U.S. until the Immigration Order Is Lifted.” Bustle. 31 Jan 2017. Link.

“10 Quotes about Refugees That Put the Immigration Order in Perspective.” Bustle. 31 Jan 2017. Link.

“The Best Magic Universe Since Harry Potter Is Getting Another Book.” Bustle. 31 Jan 2017. Link.

“The Video on Abortion Everyone Should Watch.” LadyClever. 30 Jan 2017. Link.

“Eddie Redmayne Reading the Fantastic Beasts Book Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever.” Bustle. 27 Jan 2017. Link.

“7 Books Roxane Gay Recommends in Her NYT Interview.” Bustle. 27 Jan 2017. Link.

“This NYT Move Could Do Major Damage to Comics & Graphic Novel Sales.” Bustle. 27 Jan 2017. Link.

“This Historic Library Seems to Have Undergone a Major Change under President Trump.” Bustle. 27 Jan 2017. Link.

“Calling Trump Out Is the Easiest Way to Fight Him.” LadyClever. 25 Jan 2017. Link.

“Read an Excerpt from This YA Novel about Falling in Love While Dealing with Anxiety.” Bustle. 25 Jan 2017. Link.

“Roxane Gay Pulls Her Book from Simon & Schuster in Protest of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Book Deal.” Bustle. 25 Jan 2017. Link.

“The White House Is Populated with Inept and Evil Harry Potter Characters, According to This Post.” Bustle. 25 Jan 2017. Link.

“This Newly Discovered Crab Is Named after Two Harry Potter Characters.” Bustle. 25 Jan 2017. Link.

“George Orwell’s 1984 Surges in Sales in the Wake of Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ Comments.” Bustle. 25 Jan 2017. Link.

Overwatch Reaction Shows That We Aren’t There Yet.” LadyClever. 24 Jan 2017. Link.

“The 4 Books Donald Trump Needs to Read, According to the National Book Foundation’s Director.” Bustle. 24 Jan 2017. Link.

“16 Books to Help You Understand Why Being Feminist Means Being Pro-Choice.” Bustle. 24 Jan 2017. Link.

“In Honor of the Women’s March, Atria Gave Away 35,000 Free Books by People of Color.” Bustle. 24 Jan 2017. Link.

“10 Novels That Paint a Realistic Portrait of Abortion.” Bustle. 23 Jan 2017. Link.

“5 Things You Can Watch Instead of the Inauguration.” LadyClever. 20 Jan 2017. Link.

“25 Feminist Quotes from Books for Your Women’s March Signs” Bustle. 20 Jan 2017. Link.

“Stephen King Isn’t Mincing Words about Donald Trump: Welcome to the ‘Age of Dumb.'” Bustle. 20 Jan 2017. Link.

The Trump Survival Guide Will Help You Get through the Day (and the Next Four Years) — EXCERPT.” Bustle. 20 Jan 2017. Link.

“A Never-before-Published Mark Twain Story Is Being Released Later This Year.” Bustle. 20 Jan 2017. Link.

The Futures Is St. Elmo’s Fire for Millennials — READ AN EXCERPT.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

“Benjamin Alire Sáenz Is Going on Tour to Promote The Inexplicable Logic of My Life.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

“This ‘Counter Islamophobia Through Stories’ Initiative Is Just What We Need Right Now.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

Warm Bodies Author Faked Donald Trump Tweets to Promote His New Book, and It’s Not Okay.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

“‘Bridget’s Trump’s Diary’ Is the Hilarious Twitter Account You Need to Follow.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

“‘My Home Library’ Hopes to Get More Books in the Homes of Low-Income Children.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

We Should All Be Feminists Will Be Free on Inauguration Day at This Portland Bookstore.” Bustle. 18 Jan 2017. Link.

“How Media Literacy Can Fix Our Perception of Fashion.” LadyClever. 17 Jan 2017. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Criticizes Donald Trump Over His ‘Heroes’ Quote in the Most Amazing Way.” Bustle. 17 Jan 2017. Link.

“The 4 Books on President Obama’s Reading List for His Daughters.” Bustle. 17 Jan 2017. Link.

“4 Ways to Make This Year about Understanding Others.” LadyClever. 16 Jan 2017. Link.

“160 Children’s Books Authors and Illustrators Protest Milo Yiannopoulos’ Book Deal.” Bustle. 13 Jan 2017. Link.

“Why You Should Tell People about Your Book, Because No One Is Going to Steal Your Idea.” Bustle. 13 Jan 2017. Link.

The Good Widow Is the Twisted Thriller You’ll Be Dying to Read This Summer.” Bustle. 13 Jan 2017. Link.

“Over 150 People — Including Celebrities — Are Narrating the Audiobook for This Debut Novel.” Bustle. 13 Jan 2017. Link.

“When Is A Series of Unfortunate Events Set? Lemony Snicket’s Writing Choices Are Strange ad Timeless.” Bustle. 13 Jan 2017. Link.

“3 Ways to Solve the Problem of Mansplaining.” LadyClever. 12 Jan 2017. Link.

“Sound Off: Why I Won’t Educate People This Year.” LadyClever. 11 Jan 2017. Link.

“This Harry Potter Themed Restaurants Serves Pasta to Hungry New Yorkers.” Bustle. 11 Jan 2017. Link.

A Poison Dark & Drowning Is the Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For — COVER AND EXCERPT REVEAL.” Bustle. 11 Jan 2017. Link.

“Marlon James Is Writing ‘An African Game of Thrones‘ Trilogy in Response to Whitewashed Fantasy.” Bustle. 11 Jan 2017. Link.

“George R.R. Martin Says He Thinks Winds of Winter Will Come Out in 2017.” Bustle. 11 Jan 2017. Link.

“Harry Potter Rap ‘Black Magic’ Imagines a More Diverse Wizarding World.” Bustle. 10 Jan 2017. Link.

“Graphic Novel Sales Went Up in 2016, and Here Are 7 Great Titles You May Have Missed.” Bustle. 10 Jan 2017. Link.

“Publisher Pulls Book by Trump Pick Monica Crowley after Accusations of Plagiarism.” Bustle. 10 Jan 2017. Link.

“Harry Potter Fans Can Rent Time with Live Owls at These Cafes, but at What Cost to the Animals?” Bustle. 10 Jan 2017. Link.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians Are Making Their Musical Debut in NYC This Spring.” Bustle. 10 Jan 2017. Link.

“The Sci-Fi Writer Every Woman Needs to Be Reading Has 3 New Books Coming.” Bustle. 10 Jan 2017. Link.

“Tegan and Sara Foundation Fights for LGBTQ Women and Girls.” LadyClever. 9 Jan 2017. Link.

“5 Ways Playing Video Games Can Make You a Better Writer.” Bustle. 9 Jan 2017. Link.

“Trump’s Win Inspires Women to Run for Office.” LadyClever. 6 Jan 2017. Link.

“Megan Shepherd’s New Novel Is a Fairy Tale Retelling Unlike Anything You’ve Read Before.” Bustle. 6 Jan 2017. Link.

“These Libraries Created a Fake Patron to Save Thousands of Books from Being Discarded.” Bustle. 6 Jan 2017. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Just Dropped a Major Clue about What She’s Working on Right Now.” Bustle. 6 Jan 2017. Link.

“Remembering Carrie Fisher as an Absolute Badass.” LadyClever. 4 Jan 2017. Link.

“CisWhiteMale.com Redirects to a Jonathan Franzen Facebook Fan Page.” Bustle. 4 Jan 2017. Link.

“How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture to Show Off Your Hogwarts House.” Bustle. 4 Jan 2017. Link.

“Why This Super-Popular Romance Novel Site Shut Down.” Bustle. 4 Jan 2017. Link.

“How Nationwide Strikes Play Out Worldwide.” LadyClever. 3 Jan 2017. Link.

“Carrie Fisher’s Books Are Being Reprinted Due to High Demand after Her Death.” Bustle. 3 Jan 2017. Link.

“The 10 Most Popular Audiobooks in 2016 Show Just How Varied Readers’ Tastes Are.” Bustle. 3 Jan 2017. Link.

“Are Literary Awards Ruining Fiction in the U.K.? One Agent Believes So.” Bustle. 3 Jan 2017. Link.

“Leslie Jones Calls Out Publisher for Giving Her Harasser a $250K Book Deal.” Bustle. 3 Jan 2017. Link.