December 2016

“How to Help Liberation Library, Which Provides Books to Incarcerated Kids.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2016. Link.

Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect & Admiration Book Has a Twist You’ll Never Expect.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2016. Link.

“Wattpad Users Spent a Combined 282 Years Reading the Site’s Top Story of 2016.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2016. Link.

“Good Storytellers Are More Attractive, According to Science.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2016. Link.

“Carrie Fisher’s Books Top Bestseller Lists in the Wake of the Actress’ Passing.” Bustle. 28 Dec 2016. Link.

“These Hilarious Shakespearean New Year’s Resolutions Are Just What You Need to Get Over 2016.” Bustle. 28 Dec 2016. Link.

“The New York Public Library’s Most Popular Books of 2016 Were Written Mostly by Women.” Bustle. 28 Dec 2016. Link.

“George R.R. Martin’s Eulogy for Carrie Fisher Proves He’s Just as Disappointed in 2016 as You Are.” Bustle. 28 Dec 2016. Link.

“President Obama Is Going to Write Another Book after Leaving Office.” Bustle. 27 Dec 2016. Link.

“12 Carrie Fisher Quotes from Her Books That Prove She Was an Amazing Writer Too.” Bustle. 27 Dec 2016. Link.

“11 Richard Adams Quotes to Remember the Watership Down Author By.” Bustle. 27 Dec 2016. Link.

“Emma Watson’s 2016 Reading List Was Filled with Incredible Feminist Voices — See the Full List!” Bustle. 27 Dec 2016. Link.

“8 Holiday Audiobooks to Listen to as a Family.” Bustle. 24 Dec 2016. Link.

“11 Books That Got a ‘Trump Bump’ Sales Boost This Year.” Bustle 23 Dec 2016. Link..

“These Drag Queens Reading Fairytales to Kids Will Brighten Your Day.” Bustle. 23 Dec 2016. Link.

“8 of President Obama’s Best Quotes about Reading.” Bustle. 23 Dec 2016. Link.

“Lessons on Kindness Will Be Essential in Kids’ Books in 2017.” Bustle. 21 Dec 2016. Link.

“This Website Helps You Trade Books with Other Readers.” Bustle. 21 Dec 2016. Link.

“6 Fantastic Beasts Facts J.K. Rowling Just Revealed on Her Website.” Bustle. 21 Dec 2016. Link.

“Egyptian Author in Prison for Writing Sexually Explicit Novel Is Set to Be Released.” Bustle. 21 Dec 2016. Link.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Author Is Using His Netflix Money In an Amazing Way.” Bustle. 21 Dec 2016 Link.

“J.K. Rowling Has 2 New Books Coming Out, So Prepare Accordingly.” Bustle. 21 Dec 2016. Link.

“13 Art Books to Give as Holiday Presents.” Bustle. 20 Dec 2016. Link.

“Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist Contains a Major Ernest Hemingway Reference That Will Blow Your Mind.” Bustle. 20 Dec 2016. Link.

“How to Get Free, Christmas-Themed Audiobooks This Week, Just in Time for Holiday Travel.” Bustle. 20 Dec 2016. Link.

“Reading Physical Books with Children Makes Parents More Affectionate.” Bustle. 20 Dec 2016. Link.

“Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year Perfectly Describes How Strange 2016 Has Been.” Bustle. 20 Dec 2016. Link.

“The Official Pantsuit Nation Book Comes Out Next Summer, So Maybe 2017 Won’t Be All Bad.” Bustle. 20 Dec 2016. Link.

“This Super Rare Harry Potter Book Just Sold for Nearly $500,000.” Bustle. 14 Dec 2016. Link.

“Oprah Winfrey’s Publishing Imprint Officially Has a Name and Two Books Slated for Release.” Bustle. 14 Dec 2016. Link.

“‘Queen Girls’ Picture Books Hope to Inspire Young Girls with Stories of Real Life Female Heroes.” Bustle. 14 Dec 2016. Link.

“Give a Kid Unlimited Books for Just $42 This Year.” Bustle. 14 Dec 2016. Link.

“10 Shirley Jackson Short Stories for Fans of the Queen of Horror.” Bustle. 14 Dec 2016. Link.

“Mitali Perkins’ New YA Novel, You Bring the Distant Near, Looks and Sounds Amazing — EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL.” Bustle. 14 Dec 2016. Link.

“The 34 Career Woman-Recommended Books You Must #ReadtoLead.” Bustle. 13 Dec 2016. Link.

Part-Time Indian Film Will Cast Native American Actors in Main Roles.” Bustle. 13 Dec 2016. Link.

“Watch Hermione Granger’s Life Story Through Drawings in This Incredible Video.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2016. Link.

New York Times‘ List of Best Books of 2016 Contains a Few Surprises.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2016. Link.

“Stephen King Defends Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Win in Most Epic Way Possible.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2016. Link.

“The #GiveABook Campaign Received 100,000 Book Donations for Children in Just Three Days.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2016. Link.

“Kate Hart’s Debut YA, After the Fall, Is an Important Look at High School Rape Culture.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2016. Link.

Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Says Things Are Going to Get Even Worse in New Book.” Bustle. 7 Dec 2016. Link.

“George R.R. Martin Says Hillary Clinton Could Have Won the Election If She’d Had Dragons.” Bustle. 7 Dec 2016. Link.

“The Penis Coloring Book Is Finally On Sale and It’s (Probably) the Perfect Gift for Someone on Your List.” Bustle. 7 Dec 2016. Link.

Cursed Child Is Amazon’s Best-Selling Book of the Year — See the Full List!” Bustle. 7 Dec 2016. Link.

“Author Emma Straub Is Opening a Bookstore in Brooklyn.” Bustle. 7 Dec 2016. Link.

“This Twin Peaks Cookbook Is a Must-Have for 90s Kids — RECIPE EXCERPT.” Bustle. 7 Dec 2016. Link.

“12 Essays about White Privilege That Every White Ally Needs to Read.” Bustle. 6 Dec 2016. Link.

“R.L. Stine Is Releasing a Children’s Book about a Little Girl Who Loves to Scare Her Friends.” Bustle. 6 Dec 2016. Link.

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez Used to Send His Manuscripts to Fidel Castro fro Edits.” Bustle. 6 Dec 2016. Link.

“Parents Want 8 ‘X-Rated’ Books Banned from Illinois High School.” Bustle. 6 Dec 2016. Link.

“How You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux from Afar.” LadyClever. 6 Dec 2016. Link.

“Dumbledore’s Obituary Contains One Detail That Could Mean Big Things in the New Fantastic Beasts Movies.” Bustle. 2 Dec 2016. Link.

“Jane Austen’s Mother Reviewed Her Novels, and She Did Not Like Mansfield Park.” Bustle. 2 Dec 2016. Link.

November 2016

“Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow Is Honoring His Legacy by Selling His Favorite Strain of Weed.” Bustle. 30 Nov 2016. Link.

“Here’s How You Can #GiveaBook to Children in Need, for Free.” Bustle. 30 Nov 2016. Link.

“Prevent ‘Fascism’ from Becoming Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year by Searching for ‘Flummadiddle’ Instead.” Bustle. 30 Nov 2016. Link.

“These Literary Subscription Boxes for Kids Are the Perfect Gifts for Young Readers.” Bustle. 30 Nov 2016. Link.

“Abbi Jacobson Chats Broad City Fanfiction and the Importance of Reading.” Bustle. 30 Nov 2016. Link.

“Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Adapting a Huge Fantasy Book Series for Film and Television.” Bustle. 29 Nov 2016. Link.

“This Pulitzer Prize Winner’s Book Is Too Controversial to Be Published in China, So She’s Giving It Away for Free.” Bustle. 29 Nov 2016. Link.

The Girl on the Train Author Has a New Thriller Coming Out Next Year.” Bustle. 29 Nov 2016. Link.

“Sarah Glidden’s Graphic Novel Rolling Blackouts Discover How Journalism Gets Done.” Bustle. 29 Nov 2016. Link.

“Don’t Worry: 6 Reasons Why You’re Still Growing.” LadyClever. 29 Nov 2016. Link.

“Why Can Dumbledore Understand Parseltongue? This Fan Theory Might Explain It.” Bustle. 23 Nov 2016. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Sent Harry Potter Books to a Syrian Girl in War-Torn Aleppo.” Bustle. 23 Nov 2016. Link.

“6 Books That Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency.” Bustle. 22 Nov 2016. Link.

Game of Thrones Wines Are Coming to Make Your Winter a Little Bit Brighter.” Bustle. 22 Nov 2016. Link.

“Hillary Clinton Was Spotted Browsing for Books at a New England Bookstore after the Election.” Bustle. 22 Nov 2016. Link.

“The World’s First ‘Literary’ Audiobook Was Just Discovered, and It’s Way Older Than You Think It Is.” Bustle. 22 Nov 2016. Link.

“How to Handle Depression When Nothing Feels Good.” LadyClever. 21 Nov 2016. Link.

“The New York Public LIbrary’s Mannequin Challenge Pays Tribute to the Movies Filmed There — VIDEO.” Bustle. 18 Nov 2016. Link.

“America Chavez Is the Queer Superhero We Need Right Now.” Bustle. 18 Nov 2016. Link.

“The Song of the Current Cover Is Here, and It’s Just as Beautiful as the Story — REVEAL.” Bustle. 18 Nov 2016. Link.

“12 Books to Read before You Fight This Presidency.” Bustle. 17 Nov 2016. Link.

“Why We Must Now Fight for Issues, Not Elections.” LadyClever. 17 Nov 2016. Link.

“Bob Dylan Isn’t Attending the Nobel Prize Ceremony, to No One’s Surprise.” Bustle. 16 Nov 2016. Link.

“Writing Dystopian Fiction for NaNoWriMo? You Need to Wach This Video.” Bustle. 16 Nov 2016. Link.

“‘Post-Truth’ Is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year, and Literally No One Is Surprised.” Bustle. 16 Nov 2016. Link.

“12 Classic Novels Get a Hamilton Upgrade in This Medley by Daveed Diggs’ Students.” Bustle. 15 Nov 2016. Link.

“The New Fantastic Beasts Mobile Game Wants *You* to Solve the Ministry’s Biggest Mysteries.”  Bustle. 15 Nov 2016. Link.

“Amazon’s Best Books of 2016 Is Here, and the 10 Books Would Make Amazing Christmas Presents.” Bustle. 15 Nov 2016. Link.

“Could Childless-by-Choice Women Save the World?” LadyClever. 14 Nov 2016. Link.

“Why I Don’t Want to Hear Your Privileged Narrative.” LadyClever. 10 Nov 2016. Link.

“Emma Watson Responds to Donald Trump by Leaving Free Books on the Subway.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“Harry Potter Is Helping Readers Make Sense of This Presidential Election.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“When Will Donald Trump Announce His Cabinet Picks? Americans May Have to Wait Several Weeks.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“Hillary Clinton Underperformed Among Millennials i the Presidential Election, and It Is So Disappointing.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“Which States Went Red in 2016? Donald Trump Benefitted from the Flipping.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“Did Kelly Ayotte Win Her Senate Seat? Her Challenger Put Up a Tough Fight.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“Did John McCain Win His Senate Seat? The Arizona Senator Was Re-Elected for a Sixth Term.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2016. Link.

“Did Paul Ryan Win His Congress Seat? The House Speaker Was Re-Elected in Wisconsin.” Bustle. 8 Nov 2016. Link.

“Did Marco Rubio Win His Senate Seat?” Bustle. 8 Nov 2016. Link.

“Misogyny Is the Biggest Indicator of Trump Support.” LadyClever. 8 Nov 2016. Link.

“How to Stop Relying on Social Media for News.” LadyClever. 7 Nov 2016. Link.

“This Rock Star Is on a Mission to Donated LGBT Books to Prisoners — Here’s How You Can Help.” Bustle. 4 Nov 2016. Link.

“Two Swordsmiths Made an Actual Sword of Gryffindor in Case You Need to Destroy Some Horcruxes in Real Life.” Bustle. 4 Nov 2016. Link.

“This Lord of the Rings Tweet Perfectly Sums Up the Problem of Comparing Trump and Clinton.” Bustle. 4 Nov 2016. Link.

“Online Voting and Other Election Scams to Avoid.” LadyClever. 3 Nov 2016. Link.

“Rachel Dolezal’s Memoir Will Explore the ‘Discrimination’ She’s Faced.” Bustle. 2 Nov 2016. Link.

“Emma Watson Hid Copies of Books Throughout the London Subway.” Bustle. 2 Nov 2016. Link.

“How to Win NaNoWriMo If You’re Super Busy.” Bustle. 2 Nov 2016. Link.

OctoBER 2016

Rad Women Worldwide Profiles 250+ Badass Women Who’ve Changed the Course of History.” Bustle. 28 Oct 2016. Link.

“This Sorting Hat Candle Reveals Your True House as It Melts.” Bustle. 28 Oct 2016. Link.

“J.K. Rowling’s Cormoran Strike Novels Are Coming to HBO.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2016. Link.

“Philip Roth Is Donating 4,000 of His Personal Books to the Newark Public Library.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2016. Link.

“‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe Was Inspired by One Very Famous Author’s Pet Bird.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2016. Link.

“This Edgar Allan Poe Reference Is the Perfect Response to Trump’s Plan to Build a Border Wall.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2016. Link.

“This Roald Dahl Clothing Line Is a Dream Come True for Book-Loving Kids.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2016. Link.

“Zayn Malik’s Book Excerpt Reveals How He Really Feels about 1D Fanfiction.” Bustle. 25 Oct 2016. Link.

“Will Voldemort Be in Fantastic Beasts? J.K. Rowling Picked an Interesting Date for Her New Movie.” Bustle. 25 Oct 2016. Link.

“These Giant Flip Books Are Bringing Some Magic to the New Hampshire Forest.” Bustle. 25 Oct 2016. Link.

“10 Books President Obama Recommends for Future Leaders.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2016. Link.

“Who Is Paul Beatty? The 2016 Man Booker Nominee Is Just as Complex as His Prose.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2016. Link.

“How to Win $100,000 for a Book You Haven’t Written Yet.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2016. Link.

“Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Win Could Be Bad for Bookstores.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2016. Link.

“Bob Dylan Finally Acknowledges Nobel Prize Win, Then Takes It Back.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2016. Link.

The Bachelor Producer Elan Gale Is Writing the Book We’ve All Been Waiting For.” Bustle. 19 Oct 2016. Link.

“Colin Creevey Actor Doesn’t Think the Character Deserved to Die.” Bustle. 19 Oct 2016. Link.

“Malala Yousafzai’s Children’s Book Is Coming Next Year, and It’s All about Fixing the World.” Bustle. 19 Oct 2016. Link.

“The Harry Potter Companion Books Are Getting New Covers — See Them Here!” Bustle. 19 Oct 2016. Link.

“These New Harry Potter Posters Will Add Some Magic to Any Space.” Bustle. 18 Oct 2016. Link.

“Here’s How to Get Thousands of Romance Novels for Under $2 Each.” Bustle. 18 Oct 2016. Link.

The Outsiders Author S.E. Hinton Just Sparked a Huge Debate about Reader Interpretation vs. Author Intent.” Bustle. 18 Oct 2016. Link.

“A New Harry Potter Theory Explains His Problem with Dementors.” Bustle. 18 Oct 2016. Link.

“Why You Should Arrange Your Books by Size, According to the New York Public Library.” Bustle. 14 Oct 2016. Link.

Cursed Child Is Coming to NYC — But Which Theatre Will Host the Harry Potter Play?” Bustle. 14 Oct 2016. Link.

“17 #ReadingIs Tweets That Celebrate the Joy of Books.” Bustle. 14 Oct 2016. Link.

“Reese Witherspoon’s New Book Is Filled with Personal Essays about the People Who Inspire Her.” Bustle. 14 Oct 2016. Link.

“Could Books Unite Liberals and Conservatives? This Study Suggests It Might Be Possible.” Bustle. 14 Oct 2016. Link.

“10 Fairytales Get a Modern Update in This Anthology from Wattpad.” Bustle. 12 Oct 2016. Link.

“A Twin Peaks Cookbook Is Coming Just in Time for Thanksgiving.” Bustle. 12 Oct 2016. Link.

“Kids Can Get a Discount on Their Haircut by Reading to the Barber.” Bustle. 12 Oct 2016. Link.

“Alwyn Hamilton’s Traitor to the Throne Now Has a Cover — And Rebel of the Sands Is Getting an Update Too.” Bustle. 12 Oct 2016. Link.

“The 2016 Dayton Literary Peace Prize Winners Reflect the Impact of 20th Century Conflicts.” Bustle. 11 Oct 2016. Link.

“This Mr Men/Doctor Who Crossover Is the Book Series We Didn’t Know We Needed.” Bustle. 11 Oct 2016. Link.

“Jyn Erso from Star Wars: Rogue One Is Getting Her Own Young Adult Novel.” Bustle. 8 Oct 2016. Link.

The Mothers Gets Its Own Ice Cream Flavor, Because Who Can Resist a Book-Themed Sweet?” Bustle. 8 Oct 2016. Link.

“Roxane Gay’s Book Tour T-Shirt Is a Feminist Fist-Pump.” Bustle. 8 Oct 2016. Link.

“Wonder Woman Stamps Are Now Available in Honor of the Amazon’s 75th Anniversary.” Bustle. 8 Oct 2016. Link.

“Haruki Murakami’s Nobel Prize Odds Show He’s a Favorite, But the Competition Is Too Close to Call.” Bustle. 7 Oct 2016. Link.

“The 2016 National Book Award Finalists Have Been Announced — Here’s the Full List.” Bustle. 7 Oct 2016. Link.

“Disrupting the System for an Awful President Is Useless.” LadyClever. 7 Oct 2016. Link.

“J.K. Rowling’s New Story Reveals 8 Facts about the U.S. Ministry of Magic.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2016. Link.

“Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Is Becoming a Comic Book, and This Is the Best News Ever.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2016. Link.

“Salvador Dali’s Surreal Cookbook Is Returning to Bookshelves after a 40 Year Hiatus.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2016. Link.

When Dimple Met Rishi Is the Arranged Marriage YA Rom-Com We’ve Been Waiting For — EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2016. Link.

“Where Does Stephen King Get His Ideas? Here Are the Creepy Origins of 10 Terrifying Tales.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2016. Link.

“Free eBooks Now Included with Amazon Prime Membership.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2016. Link.

“Wonder Women Is Queer + 4 More Out Heroines.” LadyClever. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

Zita the Spacegirl Is Getting a Film Adaptation, and Author Ben Hatke Has More Exciting Things on the Way.” Bustle. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

“A Harry Potter Virtual Reality Experience Is Coming Soon, Thanks to Google.” Bustle. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

“Ken Follett’s New Book, A Column of Fire, Is Set for a 2017 Release.” Bustle. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

“11 Elena Ferrante Quotes on Writing Anonymously.” Bustle. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

“The Audiobook Vibrator Is Here to Make Your Reading Way More Interactive.” Bustle. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

“The #YA4Hillary Campaign Mobilizes 75+ Young Adult Authors in Support of Hillary Clinton.” Bustle. 5 Oct 2016. Link.

September 2016

“Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs Give Us #RelationshipGoals in This Interview about Their Writing Styles.” Bustle. 30 Sep 2016. Link.

“Eddie Redmayne’s Patronus Is So Adorably Perfect for the Fantastic Beasts Actor.” Bustle. 30 Sep 2016. Link.

“11 Essays Every Millennial Should Read.” Bustle. 30 Sep 2016. Link.

“This Mindblowing Harry Potter Theory Explains How He Won the First Triwizard Tournament Task.” Bustle. 30 Sep 2016. Link.

“Google Reads Novels to Improve Its Artificial Intelligence, But Some Authors Aren’t Happy.” Bustle. 30 Sep 2016. Link.

“Cars for Women + 7 Other Needlessly Gendered Things.” LadyClever. 29 Sep 2016. Link.

“Lantix In Publishing Is on a Mission to Make Book Publishing More Diverse.” Bustle. 28 Sep 2016. Link.

“Trayvon Martin’s Parents Are Writing a Memoir about Their Son’s Murder and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.” Bustle. 28 Sep 2016. Link.

“Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Relationship with Her Daughter Explored in New Book.” Bustle. 28 Sep 2016. Link.

“This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Book Will Teach a New Generation Why She’s the Notorious R.B.G.” Bustle. 28 Sep 2016. Link.

“School Librarians Are Labelling Controversial Books, but Could That Help Students?” Bustle. 28 Sep 2016. Link.

“Merriam-Webster’s Debate Live-Tweets Prove Viewers Pay Attention to Candidates’ Vocabularies.” Bustle. 27 Sep 2016. Link.

“This 100-Year-Old Theater Is Now a Bookstore, and It’s Absolutely Gorgeous.” Bustle. 27 Sep 2016. Link.

“Emery Lord’s New Book The Names They Gave Us Has a Cover — EXCLUSIVE REVEAL.” Bustle. 27 Sep 2016. Link.

“Texas Prisons Ban True-Crime Book Wolf Boys — Just in Time for Banned Books Week.” Bustle. 27 Sep 2016. Link.

“Sound Off: Can’t We Just Let People Enjoy Things?” LadyClever. 26 Sep 2016. Link.

“A New Anne of Green Gables Movie Is Coming to PBS This Thanksgiving.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2016. Link.

“The Maya Angelou Documentary Details the Life of This Extraordinary Woman — See the Trailer.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2016. Link.

“James Patterson Cancels Controversial Book about Killing Stephen King.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2016. Link.

“Audiobook Sales Are on the Rise, but eBook Sales Are Dipping.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2016. Link.

“The NY Public Library Just Installed a Book Train, and It’s the Coolest Thing Ever.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2016. Link.

“Another Stephen King Short Story Is Headed to the Big Screen.” Bustle. 21 Sep 2016. Link.

“The Dark Tower TV Series Will Star Idris Elba.” Bustle. 21 Sep 2016. Link.

“Harry and Neville’s Outfits During the Battle of Hogwarts Have a Heartbreaking Secret Meaning.” Bustle. 21 Sep 2016. Link.

“Jenny Han Kept Her New Book a Secret for a Very Good Reason.” Bustle. 21 Sep 2016. Link.

“The World’s Oldest Library Will Reopen to the Public, So Start Planning Your Trip Now.” Bustle. 21 Sep 2016. Link.

“An Easy Way to Back Up Co-Workers in the Boardroom.” LadyClever. 21 Sep 2016. Link.

“How Parenting ‘Wisdom’ Demonizes Poor Parents.” LadyClever. 20 Sep 2016. Link.

“Harry Potter Still Dominates Bestseller Lists, Thanks to New Hogwarts eBooks.” Bustle. 16 Sep 2016. Link.

“Sandra Cisneros to Receive National Medal of Arts from President Obama.” Bustle. 16 Sep 2016. Link.

“What to Look for When Buying Insurance as a Woman.” LadyClever. 15 Sep 2016. Link.

“Free Audiobooks Are Now Included with Amazon Prime, but Which Books Will Be Available?” Bustle. 14 Sep 2016. Link.

“In James Patterson’s New Book, Stephen King Is the Target of a Murderous Fan.” Bustle. 14 Sep 2016. Link.

“How Diverse Is Children’s Literature? This Infographic Tells the Disturbing Truth.” Bustle. 14 Sep 2016. Link.

“These 10 Nonfiction Titles Are Nominated for a National Book Award.” Bustle. 14 Sep 2016. Link.

“Neil Gaiman’s New Book Now Has a Cover, and It’s Just as Epic as We Imagined.” Bustle. 14 Sep 2016. Link.

“Mayte Garcia, Prince’s First Wife, to Write a Memoir about Their Life Together.” Bustle. 13 Sep 2016. Link.

“The 2016 Man Booker Prize Shortlist Is Less Diverse Than Last Year’s.” Bustle. 13 Sep 2016. Link.

“Eleanor Roosevelt’s Guide to Life, It’s Up to Women, to Be Published Next Spring.” Bustle. 13 Sep 2016. Link.

“6 of Roald Dahl’s Made-Up Words Added to the Dictionary in Honor of His Birthday.” Bustle. 13 Sep 2016. Link.

“On Worrying about Millennial Women’s Wine Culture.” LadyClever. 13 Sep 2016. Link.

“Emma Watson’s New Book Club Pick Encourages Readers to Think about Feminism on a Global Scale.” Bustle. 9 Sep 2016. Link.

“This Banned Book Scavenger Hunt Hopes to Raise Awareness of Censorship.” Bustle. 9 Sep 2016. Link.

“Article Shows How Scary Male Entitlement Is.” LadyClever. 8 Sep 2016. Link.

“Chris Brown: Racism Isn’t Over, and Classism Still Exists.” LadyClever. 7 Sep 2016. Link.

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez Is Now Featured on Peso Notes in Colombia.” Bustle. 7 Sep 2016. Link.

Llama Llama Red Pajama Author Anna Dewdney’s Final Request Is Incredibly Moving.” Bustle. 7 Sep 2016. Link.

“Oprah’s Next Book Club Pick Is a Memoir of Love, Loss, and Recovery.” Bustle. 7 Sep 2016. Link.

“Modern Love: When Ghosting Is the Better Option.” LadyClever. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“11 Essays Every Millennial Should Read.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“How Long Did It Take to Write Harry Potter? This Infographic Will Tell You.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“The Hufflepuff Common Room Is Wonderful and Strange, According to J.K. Rowling’s New Book.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“Abbi and Ilana from Broad City Want You to Read Phoebe Robinson’s New Memoir.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Just Released a New Campaign Book Called Stronger Together.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“#1000BlackGirlBooks Campaign Hopes to Influence School Reading Lists.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“Abraham Lincoln Wrote a Murder Mystery Based on a Real-Life Trial.” Bustle. 6 Sep 2016. Link.

“Genderbent Oliver Twist Procedural in the Works at NBC.” Bustle. 2 Sep 2016. Link.

“Do You Read More Books Than the Average American?” Bustle. 2 Sep 2016. Link.

August 2016

“Why France’s Burkini Bans Should Enrage Us All.” Bustle. 31 Aug 2016. Link.

“9 Books That May Have Inspired Stranger Things Season 2.” Bustle. 31 Aug 2016. Link.

“A Hunger Games Coloring Book Is Arriving This Fall.” Bustle. 31 Aug 2016. Link.

“When to See Tahereh Mafi on Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Bustle. 31 Aug 2016. Link.

“9 Harry Potter AUs That Will Make You Giggle, Courtesy of Reddit.” Bustle. 30 Aug 2016. Link.

“This Creepy Adult Coloring Book Will Give You All of the Nightmares.” Bustle. 30 Aug 2016. Link.

“Female Prison Populations Growing Faster Than Male.” Bustle. 29 Aug 2016. Link.

“Goldman Sachs’ Back-to-School Books List Is Surprisingly On-Point.” Bustle. 26 Aug 2016. Link.

“There’s 1599 A Song Of Ice And Fire Characters On This Spreadsheet — And It’s Not Even A Complete List.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2016. Link.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Gets 50th Anniversary Exhibit.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2016. Link.

“Truman Capote’s Ashes Are Going to Auction.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2016. Link.

“N.K. Jemisin Is the First Black Author to Win the Hugo for Best Novel.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2016. Link.

“Bill Nye Is Writing Books for Kids about Sibling Sleuths Who Love Science.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2016. Link.

“Joseph Fiennes Joins The Handmaid’s Tale Cast as Commander Fred Waterford.” Bustle. 24 Aug 2016. Link.

A Little Life TV Series Is Now in the Works.” Bustle. 24 Aug 2016. Link.

“Donald Trump Used Campaign Donations to Buy $55,000 Worth of Copies of His Own Book.” Bustle. 24 Aug 2016. Link.

“Let’s Stop Pretending Anything Trump Is a Mistake.” LadyClever. 23 Aug 2016. Link.

Cursed Child Tickets Are More Expensive than Hamilton Ones, but the Prices Don’t Tell the Full Story.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2016. Link.

“10 Heroic Baby Names from Stephen King Books.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2016. Link.

“25 Books by Modernist Women Writers.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2016. Link.

“There’s a New Internship for Women Over 40.” LadyClever. 18 Aug 2016. Link.

The Outsiders Is 50 Years Old, and It Has a New Cover to Celebrate the Anniversary.” Bustle. 17 Aug 2016. Link.

“Margaret Atwood’s Behind-the-Scenes Alias Grace Pics Prove She’s the Queen of Social Media.” Bustle. 17 Aug 2016. Link.

“A Supernatural Coloring Book Is Here at Last, and It’s Full of Monster-Hunting Goodness.” Bustle. 16 Aug 2016. Link.

“Pennywise Gets a Wardrobe Update in the It Reboot, and the Clown Is Scarier than Ever.” Bustle. 16 Aug 2016. Link.

“An Ember in the Ashes Is Getting 2 More Sequels, and This Is Not a Drill.” Bustle. 16 Aug 2016. Link.

“Hunter S. Thompson Stole Hemingway’s Set of Elk Antlers 52 Years Ago, and His Widow Just Returned Them.” Bustle. 16 Aug 2016. Link.

“Is There a The Fault in Our Stars Sequel? John Green Says He Has No Plans to Write One.” Bustle. 15 Aug 2016. Link.

“On Fight Club‘s 20th Anniversary, Author Chuck Palahniuk Talks about the Cult Classic Book.” Bustle. 15 Aug 2016. Link.

“A Brave New World TV Show Is Coming to Syfy.” Bustle. 15 Aug 2016. Link.

“Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle Is Being Made into a Movie.” Bustle. 12 Aug 2016. Link.

“Harry Potter Books with Typos Can Fetch Thousands of Dollars at Auction.” Bustle. 12 Aug 2016. Link.

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July 2016

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jUNE 2016

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May 2016

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April 2016

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March 2016

“14 Writers Who Only Wrote One Novel.” Bustle. 30 Mar 2016. Link.

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World of Warcraft Children’s Books Coming Soon.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2016. Link.

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Luckiest Girl Alive Author Jessica Knoll Speaks Out about Being Gang-Raped in New Essay.” Bustle. 29 Mar 2016. Link.

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American Gods Casts Emily Browning as Laura Moon.” Bustle. 22 Mar 2016. Link.

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February 2016

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“Publishers Boycott Angouleme International Comics Festival over Lack of Diversity.” Bustle. 24 Feb 2016. Link.

“Obamas Release $250M in E-Books to Title I and Special Education Teachers.” Bustle. 24 Feb 2016. Link.

Six of Crows Sequel Crooked Kingdom Now Has a Cover.” Bustle. 24 Feb 2016. Link.

Deadpool vs. Gambit Mini-Series Coming This Summer.” Bustle. 24 Feb 2016. Link.

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January 2016

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Winds of Winter Might Be On Schedule, According to This Graph.” Bustle. 15 Jan 2016. Link.

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Esquire‘s List of Must-Read Books Improves on Old Mistakes.” Bustle. 5 Jan 2016. Link.

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