2014 – 15

December 2015

“25 Books Written by Women under 25.” Bustle. 31 Dec 2015. Link.

“20 Books to Buy Yourself as a Late Holiday Present.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2015. Link.

“9 Reading Challenges for Adults to Take in 2016.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2015. Link.

“NYPL’s Most Popular Books of 2015 Show This Was a Great Year for Women Writers.” Bustle. 30 Dec 2015. Link.

Nora Ephron: The Last Interview Is Out Now, and Here Are 8 More Authors Whose Last Interviews We’d Like to Read.” Bustle. 24 Dec 2015. Link.

“25 Books Hermione Would Love to Read.” Bustle. 24 Dec 2015. Link.

Detective Dot Kickstarter Wants Girls to Code.” Bustle. 24 Dec 2015. Link.

“Exchange Unwanted Gifts for Books at This Vending Machine.” Bustle. 23 Dec 2015. Link.

“‘Troll Bridge,’ Neil Gaiman Short Story, Getting a Graphic Novel.” Bustle. 23 Dec 2015. Link.

Dumplin’ Sequel Coming in 2018.” Bustle. 23 Dec 2015. Link.

“#BustleReads Challenge 2016 Encourages You to Read Women and Writers of Color.” Bustle. 23 Dec 2015. Link.

“Six Reasons to Celebrate Festivus This Year.” LadyClever. 23 Dec 2015. Link.

“6 Reasons It’s Beyond Time for a Black Hermione.” Bustle. 22 Dec 2015. Link.

“Iceland’s Christmas Eve Tradition of Giving Books Will Make You Want to Move There.” Bustle. 22 Dec 2015. Link.

“Here’s Some Good News for College Women Who Marry.” LadyClever. 21 Dec 2015. Link.

Divergent: Christian Apocalypticism in Hollywood.” The Artifice. 20 Dec 2015. Link.

“British Librarians Sue Government over Library Closings.” Bustle. 18 Dec 2015. Link.

Lumberjanes Available in Humble Comics Bundle.” Bustle. 18 Dec 2015. Link.

“12 Worst Holidays in Books, Because Your Family Can’t Be the Most Dysfunctional.” Bustle. 17 Dec 2015. Link.

“The Best Books by Women in 2015.” LadyClever. 16 Dec 2015. Link.

“Ta-Nehisi Coates Tweets Black Panther Jokes, Everything Turns Hilarious.” Bustle. 16 Dec 2015. Link.

“Katy Perry Has Never Read Harry Potter.” Bustle. 16 Dec 2015. Link.

“6 Tools to Find the Best Book Recommendations for Holiday Gifting and Beyond.” Bustle. 15 Dec 2015. Link.

“HarperCollins Books Are Coming to TV, and Here Are 10 Series We’d Binge-Watch.” Bustle. 15 Dec 2015. Link.

“‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties,’ Neil Gaiman Short Story, Getting a Graphic Novel.” Bustle. 15 Dec 2015. Link.

“Six Reasons Why I Didn’t Reply to You on Twitter.” LadyClever. 14 Dec 2015. Link.

“Homeless Man Writes Bestselling Memoir, but Remains Homeless.” Bustle. 11 Dec 2015. Link.

“Boston Public Library’s Most Borrowed Books Show the City Loves Women Writers.” Bustle. 11 Dec 2015. Link.

“Danica McKellar Writing 8 Children’s Books, Because Winnie Cooper Can Do Anything.” Bustle. 11 Dec 2015. Link.

“Michelle Obama’s Favorite Book of 2015 Is The Light of the World.” Bustle. 11 Dec 2015. Link.

“Woman Wants to Ban Muppets Book, Calls It ‘Too Graphic’ for Kids.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2015. Link.

“John Green’s Project for Awesome Charity Event Is Live Now.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2015. Link.

“Amazon’s Best Seller List for 2015 Is out, and Its Top 4 Books Were Written by Women.” Bustle. 9 Dec 2015. Link.

“Amy Poehler’s Yes Please Gets Grammy Nod.” Bustle. 8 Dec 2015. Link.

“Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars Series Is Coming Back to Life in Graphic Novel — Exclusive Excerpt.” Bustle. 8 Dec 2015. Link.

“Margaret Atwood Writing Graphic Novel Angel Catbird for Dark Horse Comics in 2016.” Bustle. 8 Dec 2015. Link.

“The BBC’s Top 3 Greatest British Novels Were Written by Women.” Bustle. 8 Dec 2015. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Compared Trump to Voldemort, and It Turns Out Trump Is Worse.” Bustle. 8 Dec 2015. Link.

“How Sexist Critics Exclude Women from Literature.” LadyClever. 7 Dec 2015. Link.

“There’s a New Veronica Roth Book in the Works, and She Spills Some Major Plot Details.” Bustle. 4 Dec 2015. Link.

“Oprah’s Memoir The Life You Want Will Kick Off a New Oprah Publishing Imprint.” Bustle. 4 Dec 2015. Link.

“New Miss Peregrine Book Tales of the Peculiar Is Coming, and Ransom Riggs Isn’t Done Yet.” Bustle. 4 Dec 2015. Link.

“Kiersten White Talks And I Darken, Book One of Her New, Must-Read YA Trilogy — Exclusive Cover Reveal.” Bustle. 2 Dec 2015. Link.

“Hanya Yanagihara’s Editor Hits Back at Goldfinching Critic.” Bustle. 2 Dec 2015. Link.

“Oprah’s Memoir Auction Shows That the Upcoming Book Is Going to Be a Massive Deal.” Bustle. 2 Dec 2015. Link.

“Coloring Books for Men Are a Thing Now, Apparently.” Bustle. 2 Dec 2015. Link.

“Jessica Jones Is the Hero Trauma Survivors Need.” LadyClever. 2 Dec 2015. Link.

“BAME Anthology on Race and Immigration Crowdfunding Now.” Bustle. 1 Dec 2015. Link.

“Graphic Novel Priya’s Shakti Tackles Gender-Based Violence.” Bustle. 1 Dec 2015. Link.

“Illuminating Shakespeare Website Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know about The Bard.” Bustle. 1 Dec 2015. Link.

“2015 Goodreads Choice Award Winners Announced.” Bustle. 1 Dec 2015. Link.

“25 Books All Hunger Games Fans Should Read Now That Mockingjay, Part 2 Is Finished.” Bustle. 1 Dec 2015. Link.

“Literature in Translation Makes Up 13 Percent of NYT Notable Books for 2015.” Bustle. 1 Dec 2015. Link.

NovEMBER 2015

“Study Says No Straight Women Exist, Obviously Bogus.” LadyClever. 30 Nov 2015. Link.

“Be Kind to Books Club Has Free Posters and Bookmarks You Can Print Today.” Bustle. 27 Nov 2015. Link.

“15 Awesome Gifts for Book Nerds.” Bustle. 27 Nov 2015. Link.

“Black Friday Book Deals for Everyone on Your List.” Bustle. 27 Nov 2015. Link.

“25 Morally Complicated YA Novels That Show How Complex Young Adult Lit Really Is.” Bustle. 25 Nov 2015. Link.

“Books Are Now Subway Tickets in Brazil, So Let’s All Move There Now.” Bustle. 24 Nov 2015. Link.

“Jennifer Weiner’s Coined Term ‘Goldfinching’ Is the New ‘Mansplaining’ for Readers.” Bustle. 24 Nov 2015. Link.

“Brad Pitt Adapting Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s Illuminae for the Big Screen.” Bustle. 24 Nov 2015. Link.

“Harry Potter Helps Woman Escape Abusive Cult Started by Her Father.” Bustle. 20 Nov 2015. Link.

“Harry Potter Audiobooks Are Officially Now Available on Audible, Because, Yes, Finally.” Bustle. 20 Nov 2015. Link.

“Nicki Minaj Reading Maya Angelou Gives Us All Life.” Bustle. 20 Nov 2015. Link.

“Ernest Hemingway’s Love Letter to Paris, A Moveable Feast, Sells Out in Wake of Attacks.” Bustle. 20 Nov 2015. Link.

Mockingjay Movie Faithful to Book, Promises Suzanne Collins in The Hunger Games Farewell Letter.” Bustle. 20 Nov 2015. Link.

“Feminist Press Staffer Fired for Being ‘Too Lesbian’.” LadyClever. 19 Nov 2015. Link.

The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire and 17 More Books by YouTube Stars This Year.” Bustle. 18 Nov 2015. Link.

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl Audiobook Outtakes Show Just How Hilarious Carrie Brownstein Truly Is — Exclusive.” Bustle. 17 Nov 2015. Link.

“Taylor Swift Donated 25,000 Books to New York City Schools.” Bustle. 17 Nov 2015. Link.

“Plus-Size Superhero Faith Gets Her Own Comic Book Series.” Bustle. 17 Nov 2015. Link.

“18 Modern Redesigns of Classic Book Covers That Will Make You Want to Read Them Again.” Bustle. 17 Nov 2015. Link.

“Lost Edith Wharton War Short Stories Discovered.” Bustle. 13 Nov 2015. Link.

“National Book Club Launched Online by Booksellers Striking Back Against Amazon.” Bustle. 13 Nov 2015. Link.

“Parody Picture Book The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard Hypnotizes Kids into College.” Bustle. 13 Nov 2015. Link.

“‘All-New, All-Different’: Diversity Is Coming to Comics.” LadyClever. 12 Nov 2015. Link.

“Video Game Fallout 4 Has Players Returning Overdue Library Books For Prizes.” Bustle. 11 Nov 2015. Link.

“Nonprofit Customizes Picture Books for Homeless Children.” Bustle. 11 Nov 2015. Link.

“New Words Added to Internet Dictionary Include Fleek, Sapiosexual, and Yaaas.” Bustle. 11 Nov 2015. Link.

“15 Life Lessons from Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts Gang.” Bustle. 11 Nov 2015. Link.

“Sherlock Coloring Book Lets You Solve Mysteries with Benedict Cumberbatch.” Bustle. 10 Nov 2015. Link.

“Harry Potter Book Night 2016 Is Coming, and It’s All about the Spells, Baby.” Bustle. 10 Nov 2015. Link.

“New Clarissa Explains It All Book Gets Racier Than Y-7.” Bustle. 10 Nov 2015. Link.

“10 Reasons Your NaNoWriMo Buddies Are the Absolute Best.” Bustle. 9 Nov 2015. Link.

“Ms. Moneybags: Gender Judo Isn’t Such a Bad Thing.” LadyClever. 9 Nov 2015. Link.

“Louisiana Law Bans Books for Minors, and Bookstores Are Fighting Back.” Bustle. 6 Nov 2015. Link.

“Syrian Refugee Children Get Help Learning German from Picture Book.” Bustle. 6 Nov 2015. Link.

Home Alone Picture Book Celebrates 25 Years of Kevin McAllister.” Bustle. 6 Nov 2015. Link.

“Pablo Neruda May Have Been Politically Assassinated, Chile Says.” Bustle. 6 Nov 2015. Link.

“Grumpy Cat Little Golden Books Are Coming and This Is Not a Drill.” Bustle. 4 Nov 2015. Link.

“7 Reasons Your Book Club Needs to Plan a Readcation Together.” Bustle. 4 Nov 2015. Link.

“Marvel’s Iceman Comes Out as Gay in Latest Issue of Uncanny X-Men.” Bustle. 4 Nov 2015. Link.

“Men Are Ruining Feminism for Men: Should We Care?” LadyClever. 4 Nov 2015. Link.

“Arizona High School Students Open Coffee Shop to Fund School Library.” Bustle. 3 Nov 2015. Link.

“Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials TV Show in the Works from BBC One.” Bustle. 3 Nov 2015. Link.

“#LiterarySwag Movement Celebrates Reading in Style.” Bustle. 2 Nov 2015. Link.

OctoBER 2015

“10 Last-Minute NaNoWriMo Prep Tips.” Bustle. 30 Oct 2015. Link.

“Pope Francis’ New Book Is Coming Out in January, and Here’s What We Know So Far.” Bustle. 30 Oct 2015. Link.

“Listen to Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds Broadcast, Just in Time for Halloween.” Bustle. 30 Oct 2015. Link.

“Can You Find a ‘Work-Life Balance’ Anywhere?” LadyClever. 30 Oct 2015. Link.

“Fantasy Reading League Swaps Football Players for Readers.” Bustle. 28 Oct 2015. Link.

A Song of Ice and Fire College Course Now Open for Enrollment.” Bustle. 28 Oct 2015. Link.

“Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants Novel Banned Over Gay Character.” Bustle. 28 Oct 2015. Link.

“20 Halloween Ghost Stories That’ll Make Grownups Want to Celebrate.” Bustle. 28 Oct 2015. Link.

“12 Sylvia Plath Quotes Every Smart Girl Should Know.” Bustle. 27 Oct 2015. Link.

“17 Novels to Inspire Your NaNoWriMo Project.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2015. Link.

“21 Books to Help You Win NaNoWriMo.” Bustle. 26 Oct 2015. Link.

“7 Books to Read Based on Your Favorite Harry Potter Book.” Bustle. 23 Oct 2015. Link.

“The Ripped Bodice Kickstarter to Build Romance-Only Bookstore.” Bustle. 22 Oct 2015. Link.

“21 Books for People with Wanderlust.” Bustle. 22 Oct 2015. Link.

“Michelle Duggar’s Sex Advice Is Really Dangerous.” LadyClever. 21 Oct 2015. Link.

“Edible Books Trend Turns Your Favorite Titles Into Food.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2015. Link.

“20 Twitter Accounts All Aspiring Writers Should Follow.” Bustle. 21 Oct 2015. Link.

“The National Day on Writing Has Everyone Tweeting #WhyIWrite.” Bustle. 20 Oct 2015. Link.

“Are There Really Books Bound in Human Skin?” Bustle. 20 Oct 2015. Link.

“15 Books You Never Realized Were Actually Super Creepy.” Bustle. 19 Oct 2015. Link.

“A Welcome to Night Vale Book Is Coming October 20, and Now the Weather.” Bustle. 16 Oct 2015. Link.

“See What Writing a Novel Looks Like by Watching the PCKWCK Broadcast.” Bustle. 14 Oct 2015. Link.

“11 Feminist Tattoos for Book Lovers.” Bustle. 14 Oct 2015. Link.

“What’s A Brief History of Seven Killings About? All You Need to Know about the 2015 Man Booker Prize Winner.” Bustle. 13 Oct 2015. Link.

“Who Won 2015’s Man Booker Prize? A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James.” Bustle. 13 Oct 2015. Link.

“What Is Literary Geocaching? All about This New Trend and How You Can Get Started.” Bustle. 13 Oct 2015. Link.

“AmazonCrossing Makes $10M Commitment to Translating Foreign Literature, and Here Are 5 Books We’d Love to See Published.” Bustle. 13 Oct 2015. Link.

Playboy Is Eliminating Nudity & Writers on Twitter Are Reacting.” Bustle. 13 Oct 2015. Link.

“National No-Bra Day: Let’s Talk about Breast Cancer.” LadyClever. 13 Oct 2015. Link.

“The 14 Most Underrated Parts of the Harry Potter Books That Weren’t in the Movies.” Bustle. 12 Oct 2015. Link.

“Celebrate International Day of the Girl All Year Long.” LadyClever. 12 Oct 2015. Link.

“It’s International Day of the Girl! All about the Holiday and 5 Books You Can Read to Celebrate.” Bustle. 11 Oct 2015. Link.

“On National Coming Out Day, 5 Great LGBTQ Books You Should Read.” Bustle. 11 Oct 2015. Link.

“Congressman Thinks Women in Combat Not Possible.” LadyClever. 9 Oct 2015. Link.

“Vaginal Ring Tech Might Protect Women from STDs.” LadyClever. 7 Oct 2015. Link.

“A Nancy Drew TV Series Is on the Horizon, and Here Are 5 Things We’re All Feeling.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“11 Animals You Should Definitely Read With (That Aren’t Cats or Dogs).” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“Quvenzhané Wallis Is Writing 4 Books, Because What Can’t She Do, Really?” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“A Fear Street Movie Is in the Works, R.L. Stine Fans Rejoice!” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“Patti Smith Has 3 New Books in the Works Already, and One Sounds Like YA.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“Homeless Man Who Sold Books and Book Reviews Pens His Own Memoir.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“8 Sex Stories about Greek Gods That Will Give You Relationship Goals.” Bustle. 6 Oct 2015. Link.

“18 Picture Books That Will Get You Psyched for Halloween.” Bustle. 2 Oct 2015. Link.

“12 Frequently Banned Comics to Support Now.” Bustle. 2 Oct 2015. Link.

“Books on the L Program Turns Chicago’s L-Train into a Speeding Library.” Bustle. 2 Oct 2015. Link.

“Bumble: New Dating App That Cuts Down on Catcalling.” LadyClever. 1 Oct 2015. Link.

SeptEMBER 2015

“15 Books for Twin Peaks Fans to Enjoy with a Damn Fine Cup of Coffee.” Bustle. 30 Sep 2015. Link.

“On Positively Nurturing Young Women’s Feminism.” LadyClever. 28 Sep 2015. Link.

“11 Books to Read While You’re Writing Your Bestseller.” Bustle. 25 Sep 2015. Link.

“A Marnie the Dog Book Is Coming, If You Can Deal with That Fact.” Bustle. 25 Sep 2015. Link.

“14 NYT Graphic Novel Bestsellers Are by Women, and You Should Read These 5 Now.” Bustle. 25 Sep 2015. Link.

“On Women and Children of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.” LadyClever. 23 Sep 2015. Link.

“Kate DiCamillo’s Raymie Nightingale Is Coming, and Here Are 5 Reasons Fans Should Be Stoked.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2015. Link.

“8 Books You’ll Love If You’re Obsessed with Snapchat.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2015. Link.

“What Your Favorite Harry Potter Quote Says about You.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2015. Link.

“9 Things Only Print Book-Lovers Know, Because Paper Isn’t Going Anywhere.” Bustle. 23 Sep 2015. Link.

“New Harry Potter Backstory in Pottermore Update Reveals Details on Potter Family History.” Bustle. 22 Sep 2015. Link.

“The Redesigned Pottermore Looks Great, and Here Are the Most Exciting Changes.” Bustle. 22 Sep 2015. Link.

“Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther Comic Is Coming Out Next Year, and Here Are the Details.” Bustle. 22 Sep 2015. Link.

“Do Women-Only Spaces Help or Harm Feminism?” LadyClever. 21 Sep 2015. Link.

“20 Harry Potter Quotes You Can Use in Everyday Life.” Bustle. 16 Sep 2015. Link.

“15 Books from 2015 That Are Perfect for Confident Women.” Bustle. 16 Sep 2015. Link.

“It’s Agatha Christie’s 125th Birthday, So Read These 5 Books to Celebrate.” Bustle. 15 Sep 2015. Link.

“2015 Man Booker Prize Shortlist Announced, and It’s Full of Surprises.” Bustle. 15 Sep 2015. Link.

“5 Pieces by Great Writers to Help You Honor 9/11.” Bustle. 11 Sep 2015. Link.

“What the Pope’s New Views Mean for Catholic Women.” LadyClever. 11 Sep 2015. Link.

“A Literary Garden Is a Thing All Book-Lovers Are Going to Want, Stat.” Bustle. 10 Sep 2015. Link.

“4 New David Levithan Books Are Coming Out, and 2 of Them Are Sequels.” Bustle. 9 Sep 2015. Link.

“Henrietta Lacks Biography Should Be Banned in Schools, Is Pornographic, According to One Mother.” Bustle. 9 Sep 2015. Link.

“12 Series Every Harry Potter Fan Should Read.” Bustle. 8 Sep 2015. Link.

“When Is Banned Books Week 2015? The Celebration Kicks Off on September 27.” Bustle. 8 Sep 2015. Link.

“La Casa de Colores Is Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera’s Nationwide Poetry Collaboration, and You Can Participate.” Bustle. 8 Sep 2015. Link.

“Why Did New Zealand Ban Into the River, and Will the YA Novel Ever Be Available?” Bustle. 8 Sep 2015. Link.

“6 Great Things That Could Happen in a Harry Potter Sequel.” Bustle. 7 Sep 2015. Link.

“12 Harry Potter Characters’ Futures We’d Love J.K. Rowling to Tell Us ASAP.” Bustle. 7 Sep 2015. Link.

“What Is Bibliotherapy? All about Reading for Your Health, Plus 5 Prescriptions to Get You Started.” Bustle. 7 Sep 2015. Link.

“Book or Beer? Here’s How to Play Your New Favorite Internet Game.” Bustle. 4 Sep 2015. Link.

“11 Reasons James Sirius Potter Needs His Own Book, Because You Know You’d Read It.” Bustle. 4 Sep 2015. Link.

“11 Books from 2015 That All Millennials Should Read.” Bustle. 4 Sep 2015. Link.

“The Woman on the Purity Cover: What We Know about the Jonathan Franzen Mystery.” Bustle. 1 Sep 2015. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Announces James Sirius Potter’s Hogwarts House and Details about Teddy Lupin.” Bustle. 1 Sep 2015. Link.

“Who Is David Lagercrantz? The Author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sequel Has an Interesting History.” Bustle. 1 Sep 2015. Link.

“J.K. Rowling Tweeted about James Sirius Potter’s First Day at Hogwarts, and the Internet Lost It.” Bustle. 1 Sep 2015. Link.

August 2015

“Here’s How the Millennium Series Would Be Different If Stieg Larsson Had Married.” Bustle. 28 Aug 2015. Link.

“How Long Does It Take to Read Moby-Dick? This Website Tells You How Long It Takes to Read Almost Any Book.” Bustle. 28 Aug 2015. Link.

“Scottish Children Might All Get Library Cards in New Pilot Program.” Bustle. 28 Aug 2015. Link.

“Jon Snow’s Twin Revealed in New Spin on Fan Theory.” Bustle. 28 Aug 2015. Link.

“Preventing Child Marriage Is Simpler Than We Think.” LadyClever. 27 Aug 2015. Link.

“What Happened to Stieg Larsson? Why The Girl in the Spider’s Web Is Written by Someone Else.” Bustle. 26 Aug 2015. Link.

“All about the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing, and 5 Books That Could Have Won.” Bustle. 26 Aug 2015. Link.

“Here’s a Look at the World’s Smallest Bookstore, and 5 Tiny Books It Should Definitely Sell.” Bustle. 26 Aug 2015. Link.

“Faith Versus Feminism: A Resolution to the Conflict?” LadyClever. 26 Aug 2015. Link.

“The 2015 Thurber Prize Finalists Are All Women, So Take That, Guys Who Say We Aren’t Funny.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2015. Link.

“Serial Box Lets You Subscribe to Weekly E-Book Installments to Get Your Reading Fix.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2015. Link.

“When Will Stephen King Be on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show? Catch His Appearance on September 11.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2015. Link.

“Reading on Your Commute Could Get You Free Public Transportation, Which Is Obviously the Greatest Thing Ever.” Bustle. 25 Aug 2015. Link.

“Here Are the Books Chelsea Manning Kept as Contraband.” Bustle. 21 Aug 2015. Link.

“A Jonathan Franzen Guardian Interview Sends the Twitterverse into a Spiral of Questions (To Say the Least.” Bustle. 21 Aug 2015. Link.

“Is Jonathan Franzen Sexist? 5 Times He’s Made Questionable Comments about Women.” Bustle. 20 Aug 2015. Link.

“15 Nonfiction Audiobooks to Listen to During Your Work Out, So You Can Train Your Body and Mind at the Same Time.” Bustle. 20 Aug 2015. Link.

“What Are Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels About? Hint: It’s Not Ice Cream.” Bustle. 20 Aug 2015. Link.

“Literature-Inspired Cookbook from Yummy Books Blogger Is Available Today.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2015. Link.

“When Does the New Mindy Kaling Book Come Out? Clear Your Calendars for September 15, Fans!” Bustle. 19 Aug 2015. Link.

“Anne Rice Calls ‘Censorship’ on Criticism of Concentration Camp Romance Novel.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2015. Link.

“#FerranteFever Is Sweeping Social Media! Here’s How to Enter The Story of the Lost Child Contest.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2015. Link.

“Dress Circle Publishing Founded by Broadway Producers to Provide Books for Theater Nerds.” Bustle. 19 Aug 2015. Link.

“Why Plastic Surgery Is Absolutely a Feminist Issue.” LadyClever. 19 Aug 2015. Link.

“Haruki Murakami’s Desk Reveals So Much about Him, and Here Are 5 Things You Can Learn from a Writer’s Desk.” Bustle. 18 Aug 2015. Link.

“Venice Mayor Bans Children’s Books with LGBT Themes from School Libraries.” Bustle. 18 Aug 2015. Link.

“David Mitchell Says He’s Created His Own Middle-Earth with Slade House and The Bone Clocks.” Bustle. 18 Aug 2014. Link.

Ms. Marvel Audiobook Coming August 17, Is Basically a Radio Drama for a New Generation.” Bustle. 14 Aug 2015. Link.

“When Does Jonathan Franzen’s Purity Come Out? You Can Get It on September 1, So Prep Yourself.” Bustle. 14 Aug 2015. Link.

“How Can You Prevent Child Marriage? Donate Books and School Supplies, for Starters.” Bustle. 14 Aug 2015. Link.

“Why We Need to Be Talking about ‘Women’s Fiction.'” LadyClever. 14 Aug 2015. Link.

“‘Map Your Progress’ Lets You Color-In Your Way to Meeting Your Goals.” Bustle. 12 Aug 2015. Link.

“New York Review Books Is Republishing Forgotten Classics, Children’s Books, and World Literature (And Here Are the 5 You Must Read).” Bustle. 12 Aug 2015. Link.

“A Hillary Clinton Picture Book Is Coming out in January 2016, and We Can’t Wait.” Bustle. 12 Aug 2015. Link.

“George R.R. Martin Gives A Song of Ice and Fire Ending Details (OK, Just a Few, but He May Have Confirmed a Fan Theory.” Bustle. 12 Aug 2015. Link.

“Dartmouth College’s Neukom Institute Now Issuing Turing Tests for Creativity, So Prepare to Bow Down to Our New Creative Overlords.” Bustle. 11 Aug 2015. Link.

“Newly Released Elena Ferrante Letter from 1991 Gives Us Another Glimpse into the Author’s Philosophy of Anonymity.” Bustle. 11 Aug 2015. Link.

“The Free Shelfie App Could Get You Big Savings on E-Book Bundles, Which Sounds Like Good News to Me.” Bustle. 11 Aug 2015. Link.

“Why Do We Find Abortion Confidence Uncomfortable?” LadyClever. 11 Aug 2015. Link.

“19 Books about Pooping That Don’t Stink, Because #PoopingIsLogical.” Bustle. 10 Aug 2015. Link.

“With Textbook Prices Rising, University Students Aren’t Buying It — And They Shouldn’t Be.” Bustle. 6 Aug 2015. Link.

“10 Books That Play with Gender, Because We Could All Use a Break from Binary Thinking.” Bustle. 5 Aug 2015. Link.

“19 Children’s & YA Books Adults Will Love, Because You’re Never Too Old to Read a Great Story.” Bustle. 5 Aug 2015. Link.

“Gender Bias in Publishing Revealed by One Writer’s Clever Experiment — And Her Findings Are Worth Getting Angry About.” Bustle. 4 Aug 2015. Link.

“7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Will Make Your Life a Whole Lot Brighter.” Bustle. 4 Aug 2015. Link.

“Study on Harassment in Gaming Earns Harsh Criticism.” Lady Clever. 4 Aug 2015. Link.

“33 Challenging Books to Read for the Bragging Rights — Because Sometimes You Just Want to Be Able to Say You Finished It.” Bustle. 3 Aug 2015. Link.

“20 Classic and Important Books That Will Make You Feel Well-Read, Even If They’re the Only Ones You Read.” Bustle. 3 Aug 2015. Link.

“The Pitfalls of Postmodernist Criticism: Identifying the Gaps in Analysis of Contemporaneous Literature.” Literary Research and Responding to the Critics. Spec. issue of English Literary File 6 (2015): 12. Web. 1 Aug 2015. Link.

July 2015

“Millennials Prefer Paper Books to E-Books, New Survey Finds.” Bustle. 31 Jul 2015. Link.

“Just F.Y.I.: Hating on Female Celebrities Isn’t Feminist.” Lady Clever. 29 Jul 2015. Link.

“How Can I Tell How Much My Books Are Worth? There Are a Few Sources You Can Use.” Bustle. 29 Jul 2015. Link.

“Kent Brantly, Doctor Who Survived Ebola, Has Written a Book with His Wife.” Bustle. 28 Jul 2015. Link.

“13 Writing Prompts about Your Favorite Disney Princesses That Will Spark Your Creativity.” Bustle. 26 Jul 2015. Link.

“How to Beat the First Boss in Feist.” GameSkinny. 25 Jul 2015. Link.

Spirit Siege Development on Hiatus, Could Spell Trouble for Kickstarter Backers.” GameSkinny. 25 Jul 2015. Link.

“Celebrities Pull Endorsements from Bill Cosby Autobiography in Most Recent Withdrawal of Support.” Bustle. 24 Jul 2015. Link.

“6 Post-Apocalyptic Books by Women, and Why You Should Add Them to Your TBR.” Bustle. 24 Jul 2015. Link.

Trip Book Smiles Is an E-Book with GPS That Changes Depending on Your Location, and It Sounds Amazing.” Bustle. 24 Jul 2015. Link.

“Play as Moby Dick in New Game Pequod; Hunt Down Captain Ahab.” GameSkinny. 24 Jul 2015. Link.

Duck Duck Punch Is a Video Game for Stroke Patients.” GameSkinny. 23 Jul 2015. Link.

“10 Books to Read after a Friendship Ends, Because Books Will Always Be There for You.” Bustle. 23 Jul 2015. Link.

“9 Ways to Reduce Your TBR Pile, Because You’ve Put It off for Far Too Long.” Bustle. 23 Jul 2015. Link.

“6 Life Lessons from The Velveteen Rabbit, Because Everyone Deserves to Be Real.” Bustle. 22 Jul 2015. Link.

“Gillian Flynn Is Willing to Write a Gone Girl Sequel, and Has Even Thought about Doing It.” Bustle. 22 Jul 2015. Link.

“California Boy Scout Organizes Book Drive and Collects 25,000 Books for Local Children, Which Is Such an Awesome Accomplishment.” Bustle. 22 Jul 2015. Link.

Star Wars Little Golden Books Are Coming July 28th to a Galaxy Near You.” Bustle. 21 Jul 2015. Link.

“19 Writing Tips For Readers Who Are Ready to Get Their Words on the Page, Straight from Your Fellow Authors.” Bustle. 21 Jul 2015. Link.

Feist: A Prickly Pre-Release Review.” Indie Ruckus. 21 Jul 2015. Link.

“The Politics of Language: On Talking about Virginity.” LadyClever. 20 Jul 2015. Link.

“4 Strategies to Build the Perfect Reading List, Anytime.” Bustle. 20 Jul 2015. Link.

Destiny Players Fear Losing Exotic Gear Thanks to Companion App Conflict.” GameSkinny. 18 Jul 2015. Link.

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June 2015

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May 2015

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December 2014

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