7 Great Websites for Buying Used Books

I’ve said before that a reading habit, for individuals and families with far-stretched budgets, can be both expensive and difficult to maintain. In that post, I did not address the all-too-common predicament of low-income college students, who must, when their financial aid runs out, choose between exorbitant out-of-pocket spending and the risk of academic failure. For those individuals who want to read for pleasure, but cannot because of economic situations, the limitations of income are mere inconveniences.  To the already indebted college student pursuing a degree, however, a lack of book funds constitutes dire straits. Neither of these problems is new, but both are persistent. Continue reading

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Hitler and Nazi Germany: A Review

Hitler and Nazi Germany: A History

Jackson J. Spielvogel’s Hitler and Nazi Germany A History is an excellent text, covering nearly seventy-five years of German history in approximately three hundred pages. Stretching from Germany’s beginnings as a unified nation in 1871 to its surrender to the Allies on 7 May 1945, the text provides a look at aspects of the country’s history and culture which is shockingly detailed, given its brevity. Take, for example, this passage on Nazi artwork— Continue reading

Confession: Goodreads Intimidates Me (But I’m Getting Over It)

Several years ago, back when I was paging at the county library HQ, a friend recommended I give Goodreads a try. The way I remember it, she described the site as a great hub for readers to connect with each other and with their favorite authors. For someone who once cried when she missed the chance to have John Green autograph her copy of Looking for Alaska, it sounded like the greatest thing ever; I’m fairly certain I heard chamber music and saw a nimbus unfold behind her head as she talked. Continue reading